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Friday, 9 September 2011

NOTD and Review: Streetwear Nail Color- Barely Nude

Recently I am going crazy over nude, silver and gold nail colors. I am trying to find nail colors from every brand to get these colors. This is when I found Streetwear Barely Nude.

True to its name it beautiful nude color. I am totally loving this shade. I find this color pretty on my nails. Its a surprise the quality of this nail color is amazing. It din't streak when I applied or dint chip. I have been wearing this color for over a week now and still wearing it and it has not chipped. If you think I dont do any work to prevent my nails from chipping, sorry you are wrong (Hope I am not rude mentioning this). I am a working mother of a two year old. It is hard for me to find time to relax or be free of work. Still this color has not chipped. It looks natural on my nails. Nail color has not lost its shine till now which is awesome for the price you give. This is awesome than Elle18 nail pops which is the same price as this. I found Elle18 very streaky and began to chip from the next day.

 The applicator is very nice that helps in even application.

Price is Rs.45.

This is how it looks on my nails:

This is taken after four days of applying the color

I am totally loving this color. I am recommending this to all. If you do not like bright colors, this is the nail polish for you. Even if you do not like it you will not have to worry. It cost less than 50 bucks :P

So what do you think of this color?? Have you tried this one??


  1. Thank you sweet heart:* how r u?? been a long time???

  2. I bought this too...it s a really sweet colour

  3. @kejal: Thanks honey :)
    @rekha: thanks dear :)

  4. the nude color luks gud on yo !

    thnks fr drop'n by hun!! foloow'n u bac=)

  5. nice nude! but i want more color! :-)

  6. oh godd I love this color!! Street wear at 45 bux! I'd go for this any day over elle 18 for the same price!
    ♥ Sukanya

  7. Thanks anu :)
    Thanks Zats :)
    I totally agree with you Sukanya :)


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