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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Got Ridi's Goodies

Hi beauties,
Many must have known that I won the giveaway hosted by Riddhi from Sugar, Spice and All dat's Nice. Rids is a sweet heart. She was constantly mailing me about when she will post the package, when she sent the post with all the details including the packing. I received my package secure. Nothing was damaged. She also added a small note with it. Rids!! I must tell you, your handwriting so cute. Loved the cute note you sent me. So enough of my ramblings. Check out the pictures. Sorry no swatches right now. I am running a tight schedule now. Once everything frees up will post the swatches.

In total love with the eyeshadows

eyeshadows with eyeliner/brow pencil

A small piece from the blush broke. But the blush is safe. I am happy with that. One of the softest blush applicator I have seen.

Love the Gloss
Overall, I love the eye shadows. Love the color.
 Thank you Rids for conducting an awesome Giveaway. Loving the products. Can't wait to try them out.
Love ya!!!


  1. congratulations on winning the giveaway...all the goodies look so drool worthy, will wait for the swatches and review..:))

  2. Congrats!!! Everything looks awesome!

  3. Congrats Indgal!!! Awesome Winnings!!!

  4. WOW :) Congrts :) Have fun Ind :D btw I got placed in HCL on campus :D :D :D

  5. Thanks all.
    @swetha congrats dear. Even my first interview was with HCL and I got selected. But joined another company :P
    What is your posting??

  6. oh looks great indgal..congrats :)

  7. hehehehe thnk u Indgal .... m waiting for the swatches... super excited for d eyeshadows coz i m in luv with those colours.... :)

  8. Congrats!

    these look so wonderful!!!

    hoping to see reviews soon!


  9. OMG... the eyeshadow quads looks GORGEOUS! soo shimmery and pretty



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