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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Mary Kay Products Information and Consultant- Guest Post

Guest Post- Deepa

Dear Beauties,
This is Deepa from Chennai… Hope you all are doing gud….This is my first ever review in beauty blog. Thank you Indgal for publishing my article… This review is about Mary Kay Products..
Mary Kay is 1 of the largest cosmetics company in Skin care and color cosmetics and its US no.1 brand company and though this business is especially for enriching the lives of women and mostly concentrates on women products we have some wonderful MK Men products...
U can check them out in www.marykay.co.in
Mary Kay has four ranges of products
v  Skin care
ü  Botanical Range
ü  Time wise range
ü  MelaCep
ü  Acne Set
v  Body care
ü  Red Tea & Fig, Lotus and Bamboo Deo
ü  Red Tea & Fig, Lotus and Bamboo Body Cleanser
ü  Red Tea & Fig, Lotus and Bamboo Body lotion
ü   Red Tea & Fig, Lotus and Bamboo Soap
ü  Shower gel
ü  Sugar Scrub
ü  Sun screen
ü  Satin Hand pampering set

v  Makeup.
ü  Eyeliner
ü  Mascara
ü  Lip Liner
ü  Lip Gloss
ü  Lipstick
ü  Liquid Lip colour
ü  Compact  & loose Powders
ü  Oil Blotting sheets
v  Fragrance
ü  Men’ range
ü  Women’s range
Now that really reasonable for so many wonderful world-class products and you won't need to re-order for a very long time as the products are very long lasting.
I am eagerly waiting to hear back from you beauties…
If you wish to get any of these products please feel free to contact me @ Beauty.angel005@gmail.com. I would be happy to help. And I can courier products across India…

Ps: This post is just to introduce you beauties to Mary Kay products and help Deepa get some clients. I am not paid by the Company or Deepa for posting this information :)


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Kudos to urbantouch.com customer service

Many people must have known about urbantouch.com. Most of us have shopped with them. And I also know how many people love their service and their packaging. I had already ordered twice with urbantouch and was very happy with the service. My mom wanted fabindia aloe vera shampoo. She used it once that was mine and she loved it. So I had given mine to her. So since it was getting over, she asked me to get it if I were to go to Fabindia. Since I dint have anything planned to buy from Fabindia, thought I will order it through urbantouch.

So I placed an order for the shampoo and few other things. I received the package on time. All the products were neatly bubble wrapped. The fabindia bottle was completely covered with bubble wrap. So I just kept it without opening the package. But something in me was urging to open the bubble wrap and check it. So when I opened the bubble wrap it was not shampoo but conditioner. They had send fabindia conditioner instead of shampoo. I felt disappointed. I already had their conditioner. I told this to my mom and she said leave it and get me the shampoo when you get time. I thought I will use the conditioner and buy the shampoo when I go to Fabindia.

I thought I will not mail urbantouch about the mistake, wondering about the hassles in returning the product. Then I thought they need to know about their mistake and even if they ask me to return the product I planned I will not return it. So I mailed them around 4 o clock and gave the details on the problem. I thought they will mail about the procedure to return the product. But to my surprise that evening I got a mail from urbantouch apologizing their mistake. They also said that they will send Fabindia shampoo free of cost. Yes free!!! Within minutes after I sent them a Thank you mail I got a mail stating the shampoo has been shipped and asked to me to check the address and other relevant details.
I thought I will blog about this immediately, but also thought I should wait and receive the product before writing about it. I received the product on time and this time they had sent the correct product.

I also wanted to add that they are very fast in solving queries. I had requested them to add some products in their websites. They were sweet enough to reply about the same. They even asked the shades what I wanted and other products details. I have received prompt replies to all mu queries. I am so happy with urbantouch.com.

Thought I will share my experience with you guys to help you know how good the customer service is.

So have you shopped with urbantouch? Whats your experience?

Sorry about the long post :)

Friday, 16 September 2011

Fabindia Plum Passion Lip Butter Review

Most of us know how important it is to use a lip balm. I need it very much coz I have dry lips. So I keep buying lip balms from all brands. I still think only Lotus herbals Lip Balm helps in treating chapped lips. I also prefer only stick type lip balms as it is very easy to use. And using a lip balm from a tub can be messy. But when I was strolling through Fabindia, I couldn't resist myself from these cute tiny tubs. It costs just 75 Rs. So thought why not give it a try.

I have seen many lip balms in tubs, but dint like anything. But this one really attracted me for some reason. I find the packaging to be very cute. Love the transparent tub with white cap. The plastic is quite sturdy and will survive damage if you have 'butterfingers' like me :p

It is tasteless and has mild fruity fragrance which I liked. I don't prefer strong fragrances. The consistency is soft, thick and creamy. It has light tint of pink color. But will not show on your lips. Staying power is OK. It stays around one to two hours. Keeps lips moisturized. Doesn't dry out my lips. At the same time it doesn't work in treating chapped lips. I use this when I wear lipsticks. Works great as a base. I find Lotus herbals to be too moisturizing and lipstick doesn't show up easily. When I use Fabindia Lip butter I don't have this problem. I quite like it.


What I Like:

Love the cute tub packaging.
Made of sturdy plastic
Full ingredients list provided.
Keeps lips moisturized.
Works great as a Lipstick base.
Not sticky or waxy.
Tasteless and has a mild fragrance.
Gives a nice glossy finish.

What I dint like:
Comes in a tub. Not convenient to take along during traveling.
Contains Parabens.
Does not treat Chapped lips.
Not long lasting.
Not tinted (Not a con for me) .


Price- 75 Rs.

Re- purchase: Maybe. This is going to last for long time.

Recommendation:  Yes if you want a good lipstick base. Works great that way. Do not go for this if you want a tinted lip balm.

Have you tried these. Leave a comment on what you think of this :)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

50 posts and 50 followers in the same day

Just happy to share that I have 50 followers and 50 posts in the same day. It is quiet a surprise. I dint expect this to happen. I am also happy that many people are interested in visiting my blog. I also wanted to share that my blog has crossed 10000 page views. Ok!! I know what you are all thinking, why are you getting so excited? For me I just started this blog out of interest. I did not even have the confidence whether I will be able to do posts regularly. So this is a huge achievement for me.

Image credit:  http://www.mixhungama.com/greeting-cards/thank-you.html

So I want to thank each and every person that made this happen. Love you all. This is definitely an encouragement for me to do more posts that will help others.

Once again a huge thank you to all my lovely readers. Do continue reading my blog and encourage me.


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Got Ridi's Goodies

Hi beauties,
Many must have known that I won the giveaway hosted by Riddhi from Sugar, Spice and All dat's Nice. Rids is a sweet heart. She was constantly mailing me about when she will post the package, when she sent the post with all the details including the packing. I received my package secure. Nothing was damaged. She also added a small note with it. Rids!! I must tell you, your handwriting so cute. Loved the cute note you sent me. So enough of my ramblings. Check out the pictures. Sorry no swatches right now. I am running a tight schedule now. Once everything frees up will post the swatches.

In total love with the eyeshadows

eyeshadows with eyeliner/brow pencil

A small piece from the blush broke. But the blush is safe. I am happy with that. One of the softest blush applicator I have seen.

Love the Gloss
Overall, I love the eye shadows. Love the color.
 Thank you Rids for conducting an awesome Giveaway. Loving the products. Can't wait to try them out.
Love ya!!!

Friday, 9 September 2011

NOTD and Review: Streetwear Nail Color- Barely Nude

Recently I am going crazy over nude, silver and gold nail colors. I am trying to find nail colors from every brand to get these colors. This is when I found Streetwear Barely Nude.

True to its name it beautiful nude color. I am totally loving this shade. I find this color pretty on my nails. Its a surprise the quality of this nail color is amazing. It din't streak when I applied or dint chip. I have been wearing this color for over a week now and still wearing it and it has not chipped. If you think I dont do any work to prevent my nails from chipping, sorry you are wrong (Hope I am not rude mentioning this). I am a working mother of a two year old. It is hard for me to find time to relax or be free of work. Still this color has not chipped. It looks natural on my nails. Nail color has not lost its shine till now which is awesome for the price you give. This is awesome than Elle18 nail pops which is the same price as this. I found Elle18 very streaky and began to chip from the next day.

 The applicator is very nice that helps in even application.

Price is Rs.45.

This is how it looks on my nails:

This is taken after four days of applying the color

I am totally loving this color. I am recommending this to all. If you do not like bright colors, this is the nail polish for you. Even if you do not like it you will not have to worry. It cost less than 50 bucks :P

So what do you think of this color?? Have you tried this one??

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Shopping in Chennai- Kumaran Silks, T. Nagar- Review

So i thought I will start this feature with review of my favorite store for dresses and silk sarees. Yes I love Salwars and Sarees a lot. I try to get something new every two months. Whenever I decide to purchase this is the place I end up. It is Kumaran Silks, Chennai. People staying in Chennai may know this but it is not popular as Nalli.

Kumaran Silks has been a family shop for us. We have been purchasing from this shop for more than 30 or 40 years now. Yes this is place of purchase from the time it was started. My grandma, my mom and now me. I prefer shopping here than any other place.
Image source:  http://www.panoramio.com/photo/9991891

So lets see a detailed review on this shop.

Name: Kumaran Silks
No 12, Opp To Panagal Park, Nageswaran Road, T Nagar, Chennai - 600017
Tel: 91-44- 24343644
       91-44- 24343727
       91-44- 24343757
email: kumaransilks@vsnl.net

Online Shopping: Not available as of now
A Little about the company: From their website:

My Thoughts Floor Wise:

Ground Floor- Section A
Cotton Sarees, Fancy Sarees, Furnishing Materials
My Thoughts: This floor is where you can get all type of Regular sarees. I love this section. You can find a saree for every budget. Saress range start as low as 100 rs. Love the variety. This is only place I prefer for purchasing cotton sarees. Their variety is awesome. Do check out their silk cotton collection. They have an awesome range. I have many sarees from this range. You can find silk cotton from Rs.700. If you want cheap desingner sarees this is the place to get it. You can even find a embroided saree for around just Rs.300.

Ground Floor- Section B
Kumaran Park Street- Readywear for children
My Thoughts: This is not only for children you can get ready made for women also. They also have night wear. I personally don't like shopping for my son here. I am very picky when it comes to my son's clothes. Can try out nightwear, leggings and salwars. 

Ground Floor- Section C
Men's Collection
My Thoughts: They do not have a wide collection. Definite No No for young people. Nothing much to tell about this section. Can purchase shirt and pant materials for stitching.

First Floor
Silk Sarees, Material and Dhoties
My Thoughts: Love this floor. Love the variety of silk sarees they have. This place has silk sarees for all occasions. I got my engagement saree, baby shower saree and few other sarees here. Love it. I prefer these sarees than what I got from Kancheepuram for my wedding. I dint find variety in Kancheepuram. This floor is for people who want to get silk sarees on a budget. Prices are lesser than Nalli in my opinion.

First Floor-Extension
All Kind of Dress Material, blouse materials, lining materials.
My Thoughts: I am a slawar person and love to get salwar materials from here. You can get saree blouses perfectly from here. People here are very well experienced and can get you the blouse color you need. Huge variety of materials.

Second Floor
Choice in silk, other choices, Silk material, gents wear, salwar set
Second Floor- Extension
Sarees, Special Launches.
My Thoughts: This floor also has variety of products

Customer Service: I love the service here. Most of the SA are men and are working in this showroom for many years. They have good knowledge about the products and wont mind if you ask them to show you hundreds of sarees. 

Price: Affordoable in my opinion.

Offers: They do not provide any offers as far as I know.

Best Place for: Cotton Sarees, Fancy Sarees, Silk Sarees, Silk Cotton Sarees and Salwar Materials.

Best Time to Shop: All Days. This showroom is huge and you will find people coming and going. This shop is not very crowded which I like.

Parking Facility:  Yes for Cars.

Branches: No 

Ps: Do let me know about your thoughts on this showroom or write a review and send it to me at indgallovesshopping@gmail.com. I will post it separately and will link it back to you.
Want to write a review on the shops in Chennai? Write your reviews and send it to me at indgallovesshopping@gmail.com and I will post them with your name and as a guest post. Will link you back.

Do let me know what other information you want to know about the shop I will add it here. Suggestions are always welcome to improve this feature. You can also mail me your thoughts to indgallovesshopping@gmail.com or just leave a comment here. 

Disclaimer: The thoughts here are my personal opinion and the company does not pay me for writing this review. 

Source: Google.com

The Body Shop Haul

Hi beauties,
You must all have know about TBS sale right? So as I said earlier visited TBS once again during its sale and got some stuff.

Here it is:
Aqua lily Shower gel: Rs. 375 got it at 50% off
Loved the EDT and so got this. This is quite nice too.

Body shop Facial Buffer: Rs 145. no discount

Rainforest Shine Shampoo: Rs.495. 10% off

 Spiced Vanilla Hand Cream Rs.345. 50% off

 Rainforest Hair Butter: Rs.696. 10% off. This is total love for me.

So what do you think? did you go shopping this weekend??

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