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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Mary Kay Products Information and Consultant- Guest Post

Guest Post- Deepa

Dear Beauties,
This is Deepa from Chennai… Hope you all are doing gud….This is my first ever review in beauty blog. Thank you Indgal for publishing my article… This review is about Mary Kay Products..
Mary Kay is 1 of the largest cosmetics company in Skin care and color cosmetics and its US no.1 brand company and though this business is especially for enriching the lives of women and mostly concentrates on women products we have some wonderful MK Men products...
U can check them out in www.marykay.co.in
Mary Kay has four ranges of products
v  Skin care
ü  Botanical Range
ü  Time wise range
ü  MelaCep
ü  Acne Set
v  Body care
ü  Red Tea & Fig, Lotus and Bamboo Deo
ü  Red Tea & Fig, Lotus and Bamboo Body Cleanser
ü  Red Tea & Fig, Lotus and Bamboo Body lotion
ü   Red Tea & Fig, Lotus and Bamboo Soap
ü  Shower gel
ü  Sugar Scrub
ü  Sun screen
ü  Satin Hand pampering set

v  Makeup.
ü  Eyeliner
ü  Mascara
ü  Lip Liner
ü  Lip Gloss
ü  Lipstick
ü  Liquid Lip colour
ü  Compact  & loose Powders
ü  Oil Blotting sheets
v  Fragrance
ü  Men’ range
ü  Women’s range
Now that really reasonable for so many wonderful world-class products and you won't need to re-order for a very long time as the products are very long lasting.
I am eagerly waiting to hear back from you beauties…
If you wish to get any of these products please feel free to contact me @ Beauty.angel005@gmail.com. I would be happy to help. And I can courier products across India…

Ps: This post is just to introduce you beauties to Mary Kay products and help Deepa get some clients. I am not paid by the Company or Deepa for posting this information :)



  1. Wow...Thanks for posting my article Indgal..

  2. @Sunaa & Cheeky Chic... Thanks dear

  3. Hey Deepa, nice info..i was lukin for a mary hay consultant..i initially thought Indgal only was the consultant..hehe...ill be in touch! :)

  4. Hey Zara...Sure dear... b in touch

  5. Zara u can email me if u need any Mary kay products...


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