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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick- Mauve-ulous swatches

You must already known how awesome these lipsticks are. So I agree with all the reviews available on the blogsphere. I am just sharing the swatches of my lipstick.

The shade I have is Mauve ulous: Shade no- 455

With flash- indoors

Without flash- indoors

Natural light

On My Lips:

When applied with lip brush

Applied directly:

This is a beautiful berry shade. It has got nice pigmentation. When I apply this directly I find it too bright for my face and skin tone. I use a lip brush for application to tone down the color. Works well that way.

These lipsticks are a great buy.

I am sure grabbing some more shades soon.

Price- Rs 299 for 4.2 gms.
Shelf life- Three years.

Recommendation- Yesssss.

Lotus Herbals Aloe Hydra ( Aloe Vera Moisturuizing gel) Review

This product is one of my besties for summers. I hate to use moisturisers in summers because it makes me to sweat a lot and creates a greasy feel. This makes my skin look very dull. So even though I know it is important to use moisturiser, I avoid using them when I go out. But it was until I found this wonder product. It was a period when I was going crazy over aloe products for both hair and skin. I came to know about the product when I was at the Lotus Herbals counter.

What the company claims: from the website
Re hydrates skin and enhances its moisture retention capacity. This special formula is quickly absorbed in the skin.

Active Ingredients:
Extracts of aloe vera barbadensis miller plant, which is rich in essential polysaccharides, minerals and vitamins.

How to use:
Wash face with JOJOBAWASH™. Apply liberally all over face and neck. Let it dry. Can be used as often as required.

Price: 190 Rs.

My Experience:

I love this one!! I always have a thing for gels. This is awesome.This has become my best friend for summers. One great point about this is it doesn't make you sweat. So it gets a score from me. The packaging is neat. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a pump. One pump is all you need to apply for your entire face and neck. The outer lid is pretty sturdy and closes well. So it will be safe to take during travel.

The first time I used this, I applied only one side of face. This way I know well it works. The application is not sticky and absorbs instantly. I felt the one of the face so soft and supple. Kept my skin for more than four hours. I am quite happy with this product.

one pump


What I like:
Decent packaging.
Good pump. you can control the amount you want to use.
Sturdy bottle and cap. Can be taken with you while travelling.
Gets easily absorbed into the skin.
Does not make your skin shiny or greasy.
Keeps skin soft and supple.
Priced right. This one bottle will come for whole two months even with using two times a day.
Great for hot summer months.

What I din Like
May not work with extremely dry skinned beauties.
If you apply in excess it can make your skin sticky.
I don't find any cons with this product.
For some they may not prefer it as it does not have SPF. I am completely OK with that.

Repurchase: It is a must have during summers 

Recommendation: Yes do not miss it during summers.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lakme Lip Gloss Review- Bubblegum

Hi beauties,
Finally a review after a long time. I made sure I post this one when I find time.  Shwetha asked me to review this long time back. Just now got the time. The Lakme lip gloss I have is Bubblegum I think. There is no name on the product. But I am guessing its bubblegum with its smell and taste (?)

What it claims: from the website

A kiss of color. A sheer hint of delicious flavor. Incredibly high-shine. Gives glamorous juicy lips.

Shades available

        Price: Rs.150

My experience:

My mom was asking for a lip gloss as she is not interested in Lipsticks. So when I got this and Maybelline Lip gloss. She like the Maybelline one and so I kept this for me. I must say I quiet like this one. First thought about this lipstick is its so yummy. Yup so tastes like boomer bubblegum. I coudnt resist licking it. It is not sticky in my opinion. It comes in a small tube with nozzle. This makes the application easy.
Gives a nice shine to the lips. Stays from around a hour or so. I do wear it on my bare lips. This shade helps in toning down some bright lipsticks. Since it is not that all shimmery you can wear it with your everyday lip color too.

Here is the swatch:

What I Like:
Very Yummy
Not Sticky
Wearable shade
Helps in toning down some lipsticks
Nice glossy finish
Smell is really nice

What I dint like:
It has low staying power. It stays around one hour or so. But it doesn't last that long on my lips. I really tend to eat it up as it is very tasty :P
Other than this I din find any cons. I quite like.

Will I repurchase: Yes. Great for budget pocket. Lakme Satin gloss costs more than 250 rs I think. This is great for teens.

Recommendation: Yes

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Body Shop Mini Haul

Hi beauties,
You must have known about the TBS Sale happening right now. I went to it last Thursday. It was my first time in TBS. I really wanted to try their Rainforest range. So I used this sale oppurtunity to get some stuff.

Here are the stuff I got:

Travel Kit of Rainforest Moisture Range: Cost Rs.1065. Got it at a 50% discount:

Right now loving this Hair Butter. I am getting the bigger pack for sure now.

Next I got a Hair and Body wash for my Brother: Cost 495 got 10% discount:

Got the most wanted detangling comb finally. I was eyeing for this a long time. Price 245. No discount. This is also awesome.

Aqua lily EDT. Cost is 645. Got it for 50% discount.

Totally loving the products. I am planning to visit again before the sale ends. To get some more stuff.

I also wanted to share that the famous Body butter duos are available now in stores. Cost is Rs.845. I think now they are giving 10% discount. So ladies do check them out. Heard sale is till August 25th. I am sure getting some more stuff before sale ends.

I am sorry that I have been not posting any new reviews recently. Got loads of reviews to do. Just held with lots of work. Will post reviews soon :)

Until then take care.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

OMG 5 awards for my blog

Hey beauties,
I am super excited on receiving 5 awards, yes you heard it 5 awards for my blog. All thanks to Pooja from Beauty, Brains and Brawns blog. She has an awesome blog. Do check it out. I am so happy to get these awards. Thank you Pooja Sweetie.
Here are the awards What I got:


These are the rules:

1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
2. Post seven things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions.
3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.
4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.

7 things about me:

Well this is very funny, I have to tell about me he he he..

Ok, let me start;

I am very, very, very short tempered.

I love ice creams and chocolates. Never mind the time or my health I can keep on eating them. 

I do not know to read or writes in hindi. I just understand a little.  I am Tamilian.

I love Tamil language.

Love watching chick flicks and teen movies.Still love to watch disney channel.

Love cooking and baking. Hope to post some reciepes soon.

Can spend long hours simply sitting browsing the net.

Name your favorite colors: Black is my Fav. Next comes green, browns and pinks.
Name your favorite song: Lot to list. Right now it is from a tamil film called 180. Song name is Nee korinal.
Name your favorite dessert: Ice creams
What pisses you off: backbiting, jealousy
When your upset you: calm down, listen to music, go to a temple.
Your favorite pet: I like puppies.
Black or white: Black
Your biggest fear: Ghosts
Best feature: My thick black hair.
Everyday Attitude: Be happy and don't care about anything. This shall pass.
What is perfection: Well I am not a perfectionist, so cant answer this one
Guilty pleasure: Shopping. 

I am forwarding these awards to the following beauties. Sorry I am new to blogging and I am limiting the awards to ten.

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Congrats to all the beauties. You all deserve it :)


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