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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Kudos to urbantouch.com customer service

Many people must have known about urbantouch.com. Most of us have shopped with them. And I also know how many people love their service and their packaging. I had already ordered twice with urbantouch and was very happy with the service. My mom wanted fabindia aloe vera shampoo. She used it once that was mine and she loved it. So I had given mine to her. So since it was getting over, she asked me to get it if I were to go to Fabindia. Since I dint have anything planned to buy from Fabindia, thought I will order it through urbantouch.

So I placed an order for the shampoo and few other things. I received the package on time. All the products were neatly bubble wrapped. The fabindia bottle was completely covered with bubble wrap. So I just kept it without opening the package. But something in me was urging to open the bubble wrap and check it. So when I opened the bubble wrap it was not shampoo but conditioner. They had send fabindia conditioner instead of shampoo. I felt disappointed. I already had their conditioner. I told this to my mom and she said leave it and get me the shampoo when you get time. I thought I will use the conditioner and buy the shampoo when I go to Fabindia.

I thought I will not mail urbantouch about the mistake, wondering about the hassles in returning the product. Then I thought they need to know about their mistake and even if they ask me to return the product I planned I will not return it. So I mailed them around 4 o clock and gave the details on the problem. I thought they will mail about the procedure to return the product. But to my surprise that evening I got a mail from urbantouch apologizing their mistake. They also said that they will send Fabindia shampoo free of cost. Yes free!!! Within minutes after I sent them a Thank you mail I got a mail stating the shampoo has been shipped and asked to me to check the address and other relevant details.
I thought I will blog about this immediately, but also thought I should wait and receive the product before writing about it. I received the product on time and this time they had sent the correct product.

I also wanted to add that they are very fast in solving queries. I had requested them to add some products in their websites. They were sweet enough to reply about the same. They even asked the shades what I wanted and other products details. I have received prompt replies to all mu queries. I am so happy with urbantouch.com.

Thought I will share my experience with you guys to help you know how good the customer service is.

So have you shopped with urbantouch? Whats your experience?

Sorry about the long post :)


  1. Wow!! I am really impressed too. At the number of satisfactory shopping people as describing, I think next time I need something, I'll order it from there

  2. Wow.. Gud customer service... After reading this review i was confident enough to place the order with them today....

  3. rarely do we hear something good about customer care services.
    btw MAC lippie giveaway at my blog.
    Following you through Networked Blogs and GFC
    Happy blogging gurl!

  4. Ya they have great service..I like the site too :)

  5. yes they have very fast responding customer care...awaiting my packages..hey got some awards...hop on to here


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