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Friday, 16 September 2011

Fabindia Plum Passion Lip Butter Review

Most of us know how important it is to use a lip balm. I need it very much coz I have dry lips. So I keep buying lip balms from all brands. I still think only Lotus herbals Lip Balm helps in treating chapped lips. I also prefer only stick type lip balms as it is very easy to use. And using a lip balm from a tub can be messy. But when I was strolling through Fabindia, I couldn't resist myself from these cute tiny tubs. It costs just 75 Rs. So thought why not give it a try.

I have seen many lip balms in tubs, but dint like anything. But this one really attracted me for some reason. I find the packaging to be very cute. Love the transparent tub with white cap. The plastic is quite sturdy and will survive damage if you have 'butterfingers' like me :p

It is tasteless and has mild fruity fragrance which I liked. I don't prefer strong fragrances. The consistency is soft, thick and creamy. It has light tint of pink color. But will not show on your lips. Staying power is OK. It stays around one to two hours. Keeps lips moisturized. Doesn't dry out my lips. At the same time it doesn't work in treating chapped lips. I use this when I wear lipsticks. Works great as a base. I find Lotus herbals to be too moisturizing and lipstick doesn't show up easily. When I use Fabindia Lip butter I don't have this problem. I quite like it.


What I Like:

Love the cute tub packaging.
Made of sturdy plastic
Full ingredients list provided.
Keeps lips moisturized.
Works great as a Lipstick base.
Not sticky or waxy.
Tasteless and has a mild fragrance.
Gives a nice glossy finish.

What I dint like:
Comes in a tub. Not convenient to take along during traveling.
Contains Parabens.
Does not treat Chapped lips.
Not long lasting.
Not tinted (Not a con for me) .


Price- 75 Rs.

Re- purchase: Maybe. This is going to last for long time.

Recommendation:  Yes if you want a good lipstick base. Works great that way. Do not go for this if you want a tinted lip balm.

Have you tried these. Leave a comment on what you think of this :)


  1. Looks nice..Will try it.. :)


  2. i like only tinted lip balms...but i guess i use it as a base and yeah it does looks cute..

  3. Thanks Miss S :)
    Sure try it Deepa
    @SSG: I know even I like tinted ones. But these are necessary for some lipsticks na?

  4. that looks so cuute! btw, congrats for the increasing followers!

  5. cute packaging! i love pink! and if you want a lip balm for chapped lips you can try Sweet lips by Sweets Cosmetics. ITs soo awesome.

  6. Thanks for your loving words!


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