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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Lotus Herbals Pomegranate and Plum Energizing Skin Polisher Review

This is for  you Varshini :)
I got this skin polisher about two weeks ago. I actually did not plan to get this skin polisher. I went to get the Lotus Whitening Scrub as it was said to be good. But they did not have it and the SA showed me this. They have two sizes Rs 155 for 50gms and Rs 245 for 100 gms. I got the smaller one.

What the company claims:

Gently removes dead cells and rejuvenates skin. Its deep detoxification re-enrgises the skin and imparts a cleanfresh look.

Pomegranate: Moisturising and skin renewal properties.
Plum: Rich in anti oxidants

Results: Reduces finelines and combats ageing to reveal luminous skin.

Directions: Gently apply the polisher on moistened skin with brisk circular movements on the face and neck. Rinse throughly and pat dry. Use everyday for younger looking and luminous skin.

My thoughts:
Comes in a cute packaging. It is really attractive.
The first thing once I opened the tub is smelled it. And the smell is yuck!!. Ok this is atleast for me. It smells like rotten plums. I really din't like it.
Inside it looks like mixed fruit jam with some granules.

The granules are very small. I think it must be the pomegranate seeds crushed. I followed the directions to use it. And the polisher is neither too thick or runny. It is perfect for you to pick it up and apply. The granules are very small and so it does not hurt your skin. The cream get absorbed into the skin like water and you are just left with the granules on the face. After massaging for a minute or two I washed it off. It cleans your face nicely. I did not have the sticky or soapy feeling like the other scrubs do. Feels very natural on the skin. It removed my dead cells and black heads too. I felt my skin glowing and soft. I really like it.

Comes in a pretty packaging which I like.
Easy to apply the cream.
The granules are not harsh on the skin.
Washes off easily. No soapy or Sticky feeling.
Feels like using the real pomegranate seeds on your skin.
Removes dead cells and blackheads.
Skin feels soft and glowing.
Can be used everyday.

I hate the smell. I think this won't be a problem for many.
Comes is form of tub. Many may not like it. I am ok with it.
The granules are not very fine and can irritate people with very sensitive skin.

I rate this 4/5. -1 for the smell.

Overall a good porduct that gives good results on my skin.
I do recommend others to give it a try.



  1. Indgal...loveya :D
    Thanks for the review....sure will try this...rgt nw am using lotus whitening scrub :)

  2. love you too dear.. How is the whitening scrub.. me want it now :(

  3. Its very good...:)
    give it a shot :)...u will love it for sure

  4. gud review :thumbsup: ill try tis but its the whitening scrub 1st :) have to locate it :|

  5. hey thanks dear.. ya me too.. it was not available in H & G.

  6. Hi Indgal, love the review would love to try this :D

  7. hi SSG, thanks for visting my blog and following:)
    Yes you should try it at least once...

  8. I tried the kiwi and pomegranate one. Loving using it. You are right about the smell. The mail reason i didnt pick it up was the smell.

    good review!

  9. hi rati, thanks for visting my blog and thanks for the comments too :)

  10. I will try this one. Nice review :)

  11. hey aarthi, do try it.. very good for every day use...

  12. good one..ive bought this but still not opened the jar.


  13. i already used lotus serum,,but:( no use


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