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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Visit to FabIndia and Haul

Last Sunday visited Fabindia for the first time. I went to the T.Nagar branch. Well the place is very small according to me. Seems like they are going to change the prices of the products so only less products were available. And most of the clothes did not have price tags. I am planning to visit some other branch next time and   I may even buy some Kurtis. I simply love cotton dresses. OK I did some shopping here also. Here comes what I got from there.

The reason for visitng  Fabindia was to get their Aloe vera protein shampoo and conditioner. I got the Shampoo the conditiner was not available : ( Well there is always a next time : ).

Aloe Vera Portein Shampoo Rs. 225.

Next I got the Aloe Vera Travel Kit. Rs. 175.

Loved the cute bottles. They even have citrus range and seabuckthorn travel kit. This kit contains shampoo, conditioner, body wash and moisturizer.

Next the Kids Shampoo and Conditioning in Honey and Milk for my one year old son. Claims No parabens and Sulphates. Price  225. I got it at a 25%.  There is also a black currant variant. They even have body lotion with these variants without Parabens or Sulphates.

Next a Gift set soap Rs. 150. I got the Honey and Milk and Green tea set.

Next got two sets of soap for my mom. One is mint and the other is tea tree soap. Rs. 58 each. My mom started using the tea tree soap immediately and she love it. So no picture of it.

Then we got Litchi Honey from the Fabindia Organics Section. Rs. 250.

We also got candied black grapes Rs. 100. It got over after we came home.

I loved Fabindia and yet to use all the products. I may post a review one or two, if you want reviews on anything do let me know. Will try to review them :)

Did you like my Haul???



  1. Nice haul. But the T.Nagar store is too small & doesn't stock even half the items available. But I hope you checked all the expiry dates. I found that this particular Fab India store stocked some almost expired stuff & sold them at discounted rates.

  2. Hey thanks poohkie, I always check for the expiry dates whenever I get some stuff. I saw that they had a honey bottle that was going to get over in a month, then got this which was new. Ya, the place is too small, planning to visit besant nagar branch next. Have you checked out other fabindia stores?

  3. I've been to the Express Avenue branch & it's even smaller than the T.Nagar one! But I do want to go to the besant nagar one coz I think it's much bigger & better stocked.

  4. Lucky you we don't get so many products near my place :(

  5. @pookie: Yup that store is very big.. Me checking it out next :)

  6. @aarthi: really, I thought this branch had less skin care products. They had a good variety of clothes. Many products I was eyeing to buy was not there..

  7. nice haul :)


  8. hi anamika thanks for visiting my blog :)

  9. I had been looking for some SLS free shampoo and conditioner for my 5 yr old daughter. I might try this one you suggested :-) also looking into Segals solutions. SHall post my experience too :-)



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