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Friday, 20 May 2011

Chanthik Herbal Skin Treatment Review

Chanthik Herbal Skin Treatment is my HG face pack. I don't think many of the people will know about this brand. I think may be South Indians will know about it.

My mom introduced Chanthik to me when i was in school. This is a face pack that helps to give you that instant glow to your face. This Face pack is available in the market for more than 30 years now. My Mom used it even before her wedding in her days to get that glowing skin. Very economical you can get about 50 gms pack for just 53 Rs in TN. How cool is that?? In other states it is priced at 55 Rs. There is even a bigger pack that comes for 80 or 90 Rs. It comes in a carton box.

My Take on the product

It has got a simple packing. Comes with handy container. The powder comes in packet stored inside the container. I cut the cover and store in the container. You won't be able to use the powder with the cover on.

It has got a nice mild smell to it. Purely herbal. The pack claims 100% herbal. I believe it too.

What it Claims:

you can click the pictures to enlarge them
How to use it:

It contains:

What I Like:

The first fact is I love the smell. Very herbal.
The Powder is very soft and light.

I use it with milk. You can even use it with just water. Both way works fine. With Milk it gives good moisturizing too.
I have even tried it with rose water and honey. Any way it works effectively.
Dries really fast. You do not have to sit for hours with this pack. Maximum time you will need is just aorund 15 minutes. Do not leave it too long can make your skin very tight.
Washing the face pack is very simple. Just use normal water it will come off easy. You wont need buckets of water.
Does not leave any slippery cast like many face packs do.
Skin becomes very soft.
Your skin actually glows. I really can feel that.
Your skin feels refreshed after using the face pack. I work from home now and this helps me to get the tiredness of my face after sitting in front of my laptop for hours.
The pores looks smaller.
Pigmentation really reduces.
Removes Tan
Prickley heat problems also reduce. Great during summers.
I can't comment on acne problems, as I do not have them.
Definitely doesn't breakout.
You can use it every day. I use it as a evening face pack.
Not expensive.
Comes in a container, so storing is easy. You can even take it with your during travel.
Whenever any other skin care product fails me, this is what I turn to. I love it very much.

Not so good factor:
I do not have any cons with this.
But availabilty is a problem. Do not know whether it is available in North India.
I found that you can get it online from these sites.


This gets 5/5 from me.

Will I repurhcase?

Of course, I love it. Been using it for a long time now.

I also recommend others to try it at least once.



  1. dis sounds gud..will try to search it..

  2. ya do check it out.. gr8 product...

  3. Sounds like an interesting product :)

  4. hey wer is it available in chennai?sounds promising :D

  5. Hi swetha I get in my near by store in saidapet. Hope you know pandian bangles in Ranganathan street,T.Nagar? They will have it for sure. Once got it there also. I have not checked it in saravana stores yet :)

  6. ohh I live in tnagar:D ill check in pandian bangles thanks :)

  7. Hi.. I'm from Tamil nadu. I have heard about this product, but new to read its manual. I am suffering from severe black heads on my face and searching for a best and permanent remedy. And now I'm happy to see this products treatment and hope this helps me to get rid of ugly black heads.
    But I'm also in need of a best remedy for stretch marks on various parts of body. Will this product helps to remove the stretch marks? Else.. is there any other effective herbal product for stretch marks? I need the reply ASAP. Please suggest me..
    Thanks in advance..

  8. Hi Nithya,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. This facepack will help to an extent in removing black heads but you should use a good scrub and steam your face to remove blackheads. You can use some home made strips to remove blackheads. If you want to know about them send a mail to me. I will explain in detail.
    coca butter is useful in removing strech marks. you can use firming oils to remove strech marks. New vaseline cocoa glow lotion has cocoa butter. Try using it, I have heard it is very effective :)

  9. Nice review Indgal... I was eyeing for this product for a long time now... i saw this product in nilgiris too.. i will try to get it wen i go there... currently im using MaryKay facepack... its giving good result too

  10. Hi Deepa, ya do try it and let me know how it worked for you :)

  11. This has been my HG face pack for 10 years now... I had such horrible acne in college.. since i started using it always get compliments on how flawless my face looks...The greatest skincare product i have ever known..I agree to all the pros you have mentioned...Its an amazing product..

  12. Does anyone know where we'll get this in Bangalore? I have my wedding coming up and i'm desperately looking for it in Bangalore and hyderabad but cant find it anywhere :'(

    1. hi try in medical stores i m from mangalore i got it from a medical store

    2. Hi, I have been using Chantik for years now. It's available in Laxmi Stores at Cox Town, Bangalore!

  13. Really a good product , I have been using this for 20 years... and keep recommending to my friends too...
    nice write up... keep it up....

  14. its sounds good.........gonna try it......

  15. Hi please let me know where can i get it in bangalore.I called to the concerned person in coimbatore but they say that they supply only abroad.I don't know why...

    1. Hi,

      Did you check both the websites I have given?

  16. hi.. i was introduced to chantik by my room mate few years back.. and its really a amazing product.. it gives an amazing glowing and smooth skin.. my pimples problem also disappeared.. your face would look fresh 24/7.. its available with many medical stores and cosmetics shops in tn.. i have not checked else where but..


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