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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Pond's White Beauty Daily Spot less Lightening Cream Review

Ponds as been a favorite brand of my Mom. She always gets the cold cream during winters. So i was looking for a good Day cream that will help in removing my tan problems. I heard many using Ponds White Beauty. Some people said it made them feel fresh and bright. My skin becomes very dry in winters and normal skin in summers.  I got this last month.

The packging is very attractive. The Price is Rs. 100 for 50gm. The fragrance is mild. The cream is a nice thick cream.

What I like:

Love the packing. Comes in a sturdy glass jar.
Nice mild fragrance.
Cream is thick.
Feels good when applied on skin.
It does give a glowing face.
Has Pro vitamin B3 abd Multiple Uv protection.

What I dint Like:

Ok first of this is the first cream that caused me red spots on my skin. I do not  have a sensitive skin or acne problems. Still within three days of use of this cream by skin had many red spots and felt irritated.
It does not blend that well. I had  a hard time blending it on my skin.
I leaves a white cast on your face.
As you can see in this picture, it leaves a white cast.

It dries my skin.
I even tried using it as a hand cream. When I used the cream and went out in the sun, my hand also got these red spots. So I have stopped using it now.
For me this is a waste of money : (


  1. oh..hehe..ok..
    nice review..bt too bad it doesnt work..

  2. thanks bhumika, ya i know such a waste... none of the day creams have given me such a bad reactions :(

  3. ohhh...i have used this range facewash...but guess i shd never go nr this cream :)
    thanku fr the review

  4. yes varshini, heard the face wash is too drying so din't get it... this cream gives nice glowing look, but causing breakouts :(

  5. Hey Indgal! :)
    Good review.. I also heard that Pond's cold cream caused breakouts for many ppl.. am sorry that this didn't work for you. :(
    the face washes in this range are very drying too!
    btw, am from Chennai too. :)

  6. Hey poorna, thanks for visiting my blog... Ya I got their face wash long back and din't like it...
    And thanks for following too :)

  7. No problem :)
    And thanks for following back!

  8. could u plz tell me a name of good fairness cream to use.

    1. Hi anon,

      I dont think any of the fairness creams work. But I would suggest lotus herbals micro emulsion. It is really good to give you that glowing skin.

  9. hi indu

    garnier,ponds lightening creams give a white cast..i use them on hands and feet..that prevents suntan..for the face i stick with olay (not fairness cream) .Also if you want spots to reduce from face ponds age miracle is extremely good.


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