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Friday, 13 April 2012

Eyetex Dazzler Nail Polish- No. 21- Review- NOTD

Yes, I am back with another nail polish post :P I can't help it, everytime I go out for any type of shopping I try to get a nail polish. I love lip products and nail polishes. I try to get something from lip products or nail polishes everytime, even during gorcery shopping. And at the same time I don't save up these polishes, I either give them to someone or throw out the products that dry out. So I have around only 20 polishes or less all the time. This way I get to try new colors. As you can see from my NOTDs I don't get those bright yellow or blue polishes. The reason you ask? I don't know I think they don't suit and I am not a big fan of bright colors either. But loving those mild pastel ones. I will get it only if I think it will suit me :P

So today I am showing you guys Eyetex Dazzler Nail Polish in No.21.  It does not have a name only numbers. I have a clear coat polish from this brand. I have a few lip glosses and lipsticks too :) This brand is so affordable and who can forget their kajal. My Mom uses them even today. I have used their mascara and its good too. Want to know the price?? Its just 80rs. Awesome right?? I will post lipglosses and lipsticks from this brand soon. 

Its a pretty bronzy pink with pearl finish I guess. Love the color. Very pretty. This polish is quite runny in my opinion. But I was able to apply without streaking.

Comes with a decent brush. Nice to apply. The color stays for 3 or 4 days on me under a base coat (I use LA Colors Base Coat). I do plenty of work at home, including washing my son's bottles and cups. So, this polish stayed on me without chipping. I am still wearing it and its been a week and only the ends of have chipped. It has not lost its shine yet or dulled out. Love it. 

The cost is Rs.45 for 8ml (I think)

Here it is how it looks on my nails. Comes out very sheer. Here I have applied two coats only. Work appropriate too :D

I am getting more shades.

Recommendation: Try to get these if you come across these. I don't know if these are easily available in North. 

For people staying in Chennai, you can find these in Nilgiris and some other grocery stores. You can find the entire Cosmetics range in New Saravana Stores, T.Nagar (opp. panagal park). They have a separate counter within the cosmetics section.

Hope you find this post useful :)  

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Happy Weekend everyone :D Happy Shopping


  1. Indu, I keep asking everybody to do a post on nail polish application, but in vain! :(
    Hoe do you girls do it so neat at the base? Can you come up with a post please?
    8ml for 45! That's a steal!

    1. Lol!! You think I do apply nail polish neatly?? Wow!! thanks for the compliments. Ok, I will do a post soon :)

  2. Looks gorgeous ,love the Shade!


  3. That's a really nice shade for office :)

  4. Nice shade & yes Indu the eyetex kajal has been famous since ages :)

  5. now i know wat nailpaints to steal at dis price!!! its a beautiful shade and not OTT for the office

  6. tat s a nice shade I wonder how such awesome shades u pick up??

    1. Thanks Shruthi, I am not a fan of bright shades. I try to pick up mostly wearable ones that will suit on my dusky skin tone :)

  7. Pretty shade Indu :) Please suggest me a pink subtle shade from this brand :) Any idea?

    1. Checking out their website Lance, this particular product line not shown in the website. Check out DB14, DP 2 from Eyetex Dazller Nail Glitter - True Colours range. Go here to check out their entire range here: http://www.eyetex.com/nailgltr.html

  8. the shade looks very subtle and beautiful!!! me wants..:D

  9. pretty nail colour!!!! <3

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  10. nice prettyyy shade....i love these shades



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