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Friday, 20 April 2012

Deborah Milano Kajal Pencil Shade 104 Review- Swatches

I am really not a kajal person. I have small eyes and super dark circles so I avoid using them. Even if I am using a kajal I try to use only on the 3/4th of the waterline. I got this Deborah Milano kajal pencil for review. I have the shade no: 104. The color is black. These pencils are available in six shades. You can check them out here.

What the company claims:
A soft pencil that leaves ultra-deep colour. Easy to blend in. Safe for use also inside the lashline.


My Experience:

I am very particular when it comes to using eye products. Lately my eyes have become dry and sensitive so refrain to limited products. The product comes as a regular pencil. You need to sharpen the pencil. The color is super pigmented. But doesn't show up that much when applied on waterline. It did not cause any itiching or redness after I used it. So I think people with sensitive eyes will not have any issues. It does smudge. I think this will be great for people love smuged eye liner looks. Staying power is about 4 hours without much smudging. You can make it last longer by setting it with powder. I did not try that way. 

Swatch: Just one swipe

What I liked:
Highly pigmented
Did not itch my eyes
Liked the staying power
Safe to use on water line
Great to use for smudged line looks

What I did not like:
Need to sharpen. This will lead to wastage.
Some may not like the staying power
Not smudge free
Availability of Deborah products are limited.

Overall a decent product for kajal lovers.

Price: Rs.200. Available at lower prices in many online shopping sites.

Ok. I was skeptical whether to share me wearing the pictures because of my ugly dark circles, that does not even hide with concealer application. Then, I wanted to give you guys an idea on how it looks on the waterline. Its my blog and I know my lovely readers will be kind to me :P So, posting two pics.

Pls, Pls, Ignore the dark circles and focus only on the Kajal ok :P These are two different pics.

Kajal only on the waterline

Used the kajal as eyeliner  and on waterline in this one 

So what do you think of this Kajal.

Recommendation: Yes, if you love Kajals and do not worry about a little smudging.

Repurchase: I am really not a Kajal person. But I want to get the brown shade. Its inexpensive when you get it from online shopping sites :D

Happy Weekend everyone. Have fun shopping :D

Ps: Product sent by brand for consideration.


  1. I love kajals but this is not a jet black one.. so will give it a pass

    1. Yes, but for the price it is good I think :)

  2. Hi dear.. I have a tagged an award for you.. please do visit my blog dear

  3. seems a nice product indu.. i am planning to buy deborah's white kajal to make up eyes look more awake.. :):)

    1. Thanks. Ya I may even get it. Thanks for the Idea :)

  4. wow i loved it
    i love pocket friendly items :P

    1. Thanks. Me too love finding pocket friendly items :P

  5. Its a good product bt, kajal never stayed on my eyes... I can recommend this to my friend. Nice review. :)


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