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Monday, 16 April 2012

Crea Clip Review- Part 2- My thoughts and My Haircut

Read Part 1 of the Review here.

My Experience with Crea Clip:

Let me start by saying its a wonder product. I was surprised by the results. I love layered cut and that is what I get most of the time. But most of the parlor I go do not have trained people for layered cuts, so I just end with a regular U or deep U cut. If there is luck I can get layered cuts. 

Anywhoo, let get back to the review. First, I watched all possible videos on youtube to know about the different cuts you can do. Here is the Creaclip channel on youtube. I watched this video for layer cutting. This method is very simple. Since I have short hair, I dint cut too much. So I got a neat shape with layers in the front. I loved the results. Here is the picture of before and after hair cut.



If you watch closely, you can see layers in the second pic. I followed the textured cut method. And I loved the results. See below pictures for the layers. Since I already had layers and got it to a U cut, I dint show much layers on my hair. But still love the results :D

I totally loved the results. I don't leave my hair completely loose because its hard to manage. Mostly its a pony or a half up look. This layers makes it even more beautiful.

Now I am planning to make my hair grow longer and then cut it for a better shape. Let me try out and post that. It may take about two months I guess. Lets see.

What I love about Creaclip?
Can cut your own hair at home.
Create beautiful layers.
Create bangs.
Comes with a spirit level that will help you cut your hair in a level.
They ship worldwide.

What I dint like?
If you had layers already, you may find it shape it again. You need someone to trim your layers.
Need some experience to get better results.
Price can be expensive for some.

Overall, I love this product. No wonder it has been Nominated Best New Product of the Year.

Price: $29.99 (Plus P & H)

Recommendation: Yes!! Get this and you do not have to spend time for visiting parlors getting bad hair cuts.

Join Creaclip on Facebook here.

PS: Product sent by company.


  1. You have beautiful hair Indu... and cut looks awesome

    1. Thanks a lot shalini, I am blessed with good hair (touchwood) :P

  2. u have gorgeous hair indu..i bought this and i m totally loving it...so effective..


    1. Thanks for your compliments Pavani. I am totally loving this product too :) Would love to see your hair cut too.

  3. wow such an innovative product..

  4. hi indu... love ur hair......its tooooooo beautifullll..... touchwood....

    may be someday u gud give us an insight on ur hair care routine....it would be really great !!!!

    1. aww.. Thanks for the compliments shruthi, Will surely do soon :)

  5. This is awesome! but Im too much of a klutz to even try this though, I'd end up looking like a hen who crashed into a lawnmower :P
    But for those who get frustrated by inept artists in salon, I guess this is heaven sent!love the review!


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