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Sunday, 13 November 2011

My Diwali and Birthday Haul

My Birthday and Diwali always comes very closely. Its double the fun for me in all aspects. This post is about the colloective shopping I did through the month of October. Here is what I got.

The whole lot. Actually some products were not pictured in this.

From urbantouch.com

I love this website, but they dont seem to call me these days before bringing the products home. Need to mail them about this.

After reading so many website I too had to get some blushes in my stash. I had only one blush from Lakme earlier. Will buy few more :)

Jordana Blush in Tawny Beige- Think around 200 Rs
Colorbar Blush in Fuchsia- 300 Rs
Colorbar Nail Paint in Fairylite- 100 Rs
Jordana Jumbo Eye Pencil- Rs.150 I think (After I got the Jordana products couldnt see this brand on the website).
Lotus herbals Pure Radiance Foundation- 150 Rs.

From Health and Glow:
I am sharing what I got for my self. I did get stuff for others in my family as well.

Veet hair removal cream- 99 Rs
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly- No Idea
Biqtique Seaweed Eye Gel- 199 Rs
Pantene Total Damge Cair Intensive care treatment- 199 Rs. Love this.
Lakme Radiance Compact- 99 Rs. My favorite. I heart this one. I have got this so many times.
Eye lash Curler- 70 Rs
Powder Puff- 70 Rs
Maybelline Colorsensational Lip gloss in Plumtastic- Rs 250. They dint have much shades in stock. Even the color bloom was not there.
Lotus Herbals Aloe Hydra Gel- Rs 180 I think
Health and Glow nail polish- Luck Lilac- Rs 45.

These are some Random buys from Local shops.

Eyetex Dazzler Lipgloss- 75 Rs.
Elle 18 nail pops- Forgot the nos will update them soon
VOV nail pain- Below 50 rs. No shade name or number
VOV lipgloss- 40 Rs.

I got these hair clips and some other hair accessories from Pandian bangles in T.nagar.

The first clip is 55Rs and the second one is 35 Rs.

I am sorry I forgot most of the prices. If you want I will update the price and shade names after some time.

Will try to review some products soon.

If you have any particular product to be reviewed first let me know by commenting. Will do them ASAP.

Have an awesome day.



  1. Hey nice haul..I quite like the Jordana blushes..:)

  2. Nice haul! The nail polishes look really nice.

  3. wow :) nice haul dear.. I dint know that you are from chennai :D btw belated happy bday :)

  4. Great haul! Here is an award for you http://beautybrainsbrawns.blogspot.com/2011/11/another-award-in-my-kit.html

  5. Hey U gt blushes :D cool haul Ind :)and no jordana???Oh god :( I was planning to get the same tawny beige this month :| My bad..and am planning to get colorbar fuschia too :)

  6. nice haul! Where do you get colorbar pdts in chennai? ive been searching all over the city :(

  7. and yay!! im your 60th follower!! :D

  8. Thanks all
    @shweta: Your are the one going gaga about blushes na. I got tempted to try some :P
    @Diva: yay!!! Thanks a lot Dear :-*

  9. Ill check Trends and let you know.. I would be so happy if colorbar products are available there :)

  10. i'm so eager to see the review of the blushes and foundation
    hey dear i have given you a blog award, do chec t out

  11. Nice Haul Indgal... I have given a blog award pl check out my blog


    best wishes

  12. thts quite a haul..


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