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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Envy (Health and Glow) Nail polish Review- NOTD


This is a nail polish from Health and Glow. I spotted these at the billing counter. They did have some pretty colors and I got the color Lucky Lilac. I got this to match my birthday outfit.

The color is very pretty with silver shimmers. Very apt for parties. I am quite impressed with this nail polish. It gives a smooth finish and not at all streaky. I have been wearing this nail polish for more than a week now and still it hasn't chipped.

The wand is really good and the brush is soft.

Since it has shimmers it appears a little scratchy if you do not apply top coat.

Otherwise I don't find any problem with this nail color. This polish is quite sheer and I have three coats to bring out the color and have used Eyetex dazzler top coat.

Price- Rs.49 for 9 ml.

This is a decent nail polish at a reasonable price. Do get try it.

I will surely repurchase some other colors :)

Happy weekend to all. (I am working on Saturdays too :( )


  1. It looks nice. I will keep an eye out for these. But how much does it cost?

  2. @ phookie: 45 rs :) updated
    @deepa: Thanks dear :)

  3. very very cute shade..I am pretty sure it would look great as nail art base with darker color.

  4. It looks so pretty and with that price tag, it looks prettier:P Btw, how many ml?? Elle 18 gives 5ml but this bottle looks a bit bigger

  5. hi emm, its got 9 ml of product :)

  6. 9 ml for 49 bucks! not bad at all!! must check the health and glow counter tops from now on instead of just paying the bill and leaving! Nice shade!! :)

  7. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

    Good Health


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