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Saturday, 29 October 2011

FabIndia Black Current Lotion for Kids

Hi Beauties,

How are you all? Hope you guys are doing great. Hope you had a blast during Diwali. I am sorry for MIA. My laptop crashed again and I have not yet got it. All the pictures I took for blogging are stuck in my Laptop so I am unable to post. Hope to get my Laptop soon and begin with blogging. This product pictures had already been uploaded in my albums so I thought I will review it today. It is FabIndia Black Current Lotion for Kids.

I got this for my Two year old son. This is free from sulphates and parbens. I got it during a sale. This comes in a simple tube packaging. It smells so yummy. It reminds me of Boomer bubble gum strawberry flavor. The lotion is very thick and you will need very less each time. It makes my son's skin moisturised and soft. He smells so yummy the whole day. Even my neighbours began asking what lotion are you using. The smell lingers for sometime. Overall I love this lotion. There are other yummy flavors to try also.

Check out the whole range of Sulphates and Paraben free products for kids here.

What I like:

Love the smell
Very mositurising
Makes skin soft
Moisturizer stays for long hours.
Comes in a Tube makes it more hygienic. This is very important for me as its for my Kiddo.
You will need very little amount everytime to use.
Free from Sulphates and Parabens.Safe for Kids.

None for me.

Price: Rs.175
Shelf Life: 18 months.

Recommendation for Kids: I highly recommend this for kids. Its great and very effective. Its a great product for the price it comes and safe on kids skin.
Recommendation for Adults: You can use it also if you want to smell like yummy strawberries :p

Repurchase: Yes of course.

Ps: I know what you guys are thinking, No I dint use it :p

I have already reviewed the shampoo from this range. You can check it out here.


  1. Blackcurrent and smells like strawberries?? :P :P Funny :P But I like :D Nice review Indu :)

  2. Nice.. Its so tempting that am going to use it for myself ;-)

  3. Wow Looks good. I'd ask my sis to get one for my little niece :)

  4. @shweta: Yes dear. Love the smell.
    @shruthi: Thanks. Ya do try it. comes at an awesome price :)
    @Nivedita: Ya do get her. Hope she loves it :)

  5. Glad you reviewed. I have been eyeing this for a while but just couldn't make up my mind. Will pick this up now.


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