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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Maybelline Color sensational Lip gloss- Plumtastic- Swatches

Ok, this is not a review. This product is very famous and liked by many. So me being lazy do not want to write a separate review about this lip gloss. Even I like this and planning to get more shades. I am sharing with you only the swatches. So enjoy.
I have the shade Plumtastic. The shade is a plum color with brown tones and it has shimmers. On me it is more of brown than plum. I have fallen for this one and this is the one I am using a lot these days. My poor lipsticks are very sad :D

Price: Rs. 250.

What shades do you have??


  1. nice shade also easy 2 carry na!!

  2. Hey this is really beautiful color N really pigmented.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. nice shade...but looks more pink than plum to me..I like it :)

  4. i have this shade and i love it. I also love touch of toffee. Its the perfect nude color!

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  5. I feel Maybelline glosses are quite sticky. Thats my personal opinion though!did you also feel so? even though the colour looks nice...

  6. Hi dear, can suggest me a prize I should giveaway for the upcoming fashion contest? see the shortlisted things here
    Would love for you to participate, it'll be fun little fashion contest.

  7. Hey dear:) just subbed in to your blog..

    nice blog hun,,
    i love this shade,,very pretty natural shade.

  8. Hey Ind :D How r u?? :) Lovely shade :)

  9. Same Pinch! :P

    I have this and Hooked on pink (fab colour!)

    also bought recently are touch of toffee & sugared Honey too!

    Love ur blog!Following u now!

    Do check out my lil blog too!

  10. I have the same shade and am hooked to it ! Im looking for a similar shade but without the shimmer .. For day wear ?. Any suggestions ?

  11. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

    Good Health


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