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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick- Mauve-ulous swatches

You must already known how awesome these lipsticks are. So I agree with all the reviews available on the blogsphere. I am just sharing the swatches of my lipstick.

The shade I have is Mauve ulous: Shade no- 455

With flash- indoors

Without flash- indoors

Natural light

On My Lips:

When applied with lip brush

Applied directly:

This is a beautiful berry shade. It has got nice pigmentation. When I apply this directly I find it too bright for my face and skin tone. I use a lip brush for application to tone down the color. Works well that way.

These lipsticks are a great buy.

I am sure grabbing some more shades soon.

Price- Rs 299 for 4.2 gms.
Shelf life- Three years.

Recommendation- Yesssss.


  1. nice color payoff! i like maybelline!
    btw, thanks for joining, glad to know you.. I followed back.

  2. The shade is gorgeous! I must get it next.

  3. @diane thanks :)
    @phookie: yes it is.. do get it :)

  4. Ooooh!!!Looks lovely on you!! Nice shade.

  5. COlorsennsational stuff are fabulous na :D I don't prefer mauves.But tis 1 suits u so well..pretty :D Nice review :)

  6. thanks sweetie, I prefer mauves, cos pinks and corals wont suit me...

  7. I love colorsensational lippies....have got few of them. Thanks for following me Indgal..me following you back :)

  8. Hi!! If you want to give coral shades a try, go for Avon's Milk chocolate.Its costs about Rs 125.I'm sure it will look nice on you since its not bright. Its a mix of coral and brown. Do try that!!!


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