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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Lotus Herbals Aloe Hydra ( Aloe Vera Moisturuizing gel) Review

This product is one of my besties for summers. I hate to use moisturisers in summers because it makes me to sweat a lot and creates a greasy feel. This makes my skin look very dull. So even though I know it is important to use moisturiser, I avoid using them when I go out. But it was until I found this wonder product. It was a period when I was going crazy over aloe products for both hair and skin. I came to know about the product when I was at the Lotus Herbals counter.

What the company claims: from the website
Re hydrates skin and enhances its moisture retention capacity. This special formula is quickly absorbed in the skin.

Active Ingredients:
Extracts of aloe vera barbadensis miller plant, which is rich in essential polysaccharides, minerals and vitamins.

How to use:
Wash face with JOJOBAWASH™. Apply liberally all over face and neck. Let it dry. Can be used as often as required.

Price: 190 Rs.

My Experience:

I love this one!! I always have a thing for gels. This is awesome.This has become my best friend for summers. One great point about this is it doesn't make you sweat. So it gets a score from me. The packaging is neat. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a pump. One pump is all you need to apply for your entire face and neck. The outer lid is pretty sturdy and closes well. So it will be safe to take during travel.

The first time I used this, I applied only one side of face. This way I know well it works. The application is not sticky and absorbs instantly. I felt the one of the face so soft and supple. Kept my skin for more than four hours. I am quite happy with this product.

one pump


What I like:
Decent packaging.
Good pump. you can control the amount you want to use.
Sturdy bottle and cap. Can be taken with you while travelling.
Gets easily absorbed into the skin.
Does not make your skin shiny or greasy.
Keeps skin soft and supple.
Priced right. This one bottle will come for whole two months even with using two times a day.
Great for hot summer months.

What I din Like
May not work with extremely dry skinned beauties.
If you apply in excess it can make your skin sticky.
I don't find any cons with this product.
For some they may not prefer it as it does not have SPF. I am completely OK with that.

Repurchase: It is a must have during summers 

Recommendation: Yes do not miss it during summers.


  1. nice review...but I'm allergic to aloe-vera i get rashes within 10 mins of application and miss out on lot new products with aloe this way :(

  2. great review... i think i should start using a moisturizer, :( i dont use

  3. Its my Fav product for both summers and rainy seasons(if we have 1 :P) :d

  4. Thanks sahar. you should dear. it is very important in skin care..

    @shweta: :P

  5. this product is v nice indeed..me too use it daily :)

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  6. Nice review! I'm using The Body Shop's Vitamin E Moisture Cream. That's my best friend Hehe.


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