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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Aroma Magic Skin Fresh lotion Review

This is my first toner. I usually use rose water as a toner. When my current one got over I wanted to try some real toner. I saw many reviews stating Aroma Magic Toner is really good. When I asked for that toner it was not available and the SA suggested this one.

Claims, Ingredients and directions:

Price: Rs.55 for 120 ml.
Shelf Life: 2years

My experience:
I really like it. It helps my face to fresh up. Skin feels clean after using the toner. My pores look smaller. I am totally happy with the product. The smell is similar to rose water.
I have transferred the contents to a spray bottle. This makes the usage easier. I spray as soon as come from my bath. I leave it for about a minute or two to absorb into my skin and follow up with moisturizer. I am using the tone only once a day.

Helps to make my face fresh.
Face feels clean.
Pores look reduced.
Freshness is there is for a long time.
Sutiabel for all skin types.
Available in bigger sizes also.

It would be nice if it comes in a spray bottle. This would make the application easier.
No cons other than this.

Re purchase: Yes!!!!

Have you tried this product? what is your experience?


  1. I have tried the other rose water one & I really like that one :)

  2. nice review Indgal, would love to try it. I'm presently using the alcohol free toner from their range...

  3. @tanveer, even i wanted to get that one only it was not available:)
    @SSG: thanks:) this is alchol free too:)

  4. Hi Indgal...Nice review....I am using this fab india tree toner...like it and sometimes i dont like it...I love the fabindia..lavender spray which is good :) sure will try this next

  5. i have heard about them too.. Need to check them next :)

  6. Great review hunny, sounds like a good product ^_^

    Love Christine ♥

  7. Thank you so much ^_^
    Following you back <3

    Love Christine ♥

  8. wouldlove to try it next:)


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