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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lakme Lip Gloss Review- Bubblegum

Hi beauties,
Finally a review after a long time. I made sure I post this one when I find time.  Shwetha asked me to review this long time back. Just now got the time. The Lakme lip gloss I have is Bubblegum I think. There is no name on the product. But I am guessing its bubblegum with its smell and taste (?)

What it claims: from the website

A kiss of color. A sheer hint of delicious flavor. Incredibly high-shine. Gives glamorous juicy lips.

Shades available

        Price: Rs.150

My experience:

My mom was asking for a lip gloss as she is not interested in Lipsticks. So when I got this and Maybelline Lip gloss. She like the Maybelline one and so I kept this for me. I must say I quiet like this one. First thought about this lipstick is its so yummy. Yup so tastes like boomer bubblegum. I coudnt resist licking it. It is not sticky in my opinion. It comes in a small tube with nozzle. This makes the application easy.
Gives a nice shine to the lips. Stays from around a hour or so. I do wear it on my bare lips. This shade helps in toning down some bright lipsticks. Since it is not that all shimmery you can wear it with your everyday lip color too.

Here is the swatch:

What I Like:
Very Yummy
Not Sticky
Wearable shade
Helps in toning down some lipsticks
Nice glossy finish
Smell is really nice

What I dint like:
It has low staying power. It stays around one hour or so. But it doesn't last that long on my lips. I really tend to eat it up as it is very tasty :P
Other than this I din find any cons. I quite like.

Will I repurchase: Yes. Great for budget pocket. Lakme Satin gloss costs more than 250 rs I think. This is great for teens.

Recommendation: Yes


  1. Oh this was my high school staple gloss :P :)

  2. I have given you 9 AWARDS!! Check it out on my blog!

    :D :D :D

  3. such a pretty shade.... thanx for swatch...

    follow back plz it means alot to me

  4. I remember using these tube glosses from Lakme when I first started out with makeup but they are awfully sticky....
    Your blog is so pretty :)

    I recently started blogging
    Do check out when you get a chance :)

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