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Monday, 4 June 2012

Deborah 24Ore Power Extreme Long-Lasting Lipstick- Shade No- 5 Review- Swatches

Finally, pulled myself to do this review. Today I am going to review Deborah 24Ore Power Extreme Long-Lasting Lipstick.

What it claims:

I couldn't find this on the company website. I found some details from urbantouch.com:

Want a settled matte look for your lips! Try on the new 24Ore Power Extreme Long-Lasting Lipstick that comes with a special glide-on formula. It applies smoothly on lips without emphasizing lip lines while keeping them soft and supple.

Get the feeling of true diva...

My experience:

Since I have dry lips I don't prefer matte lipsticks.  I am more of person who likes glossy lips. So, this is my first matte lipstick. Lets start with the packaging. The packing is simple. Which I like. The lipstick locks very nicely and so do not have to worry about taking with you while travelling.

The shade is a gorgeous Red with orange undertones (I think) I am sorry, very bad at explaining colors. Really gorgeous shade. The formula is soft and comes totally matte. 

It does stay long as promised. Since its a matte formula it stays for more 6 to 7 hours on me. Another advantage is that I did not find it drying though I have dry lips. No cracks or peels on lips after I use.

For this particular shade you need to have scrubbed lips and use a lip liner to avoid bleeding. Orelse this will not look good. I really like the face that it brightens up my face. But the problem is I am not a bright lipstick lover. This is too bold for me. But if you are person who loves bright lipsticks or a person who loves matte lipsticks this is a great buy.

I have not used any lip liner for the lip swatch to show the actual color. When you use a good lip liner it can look even more pretty. I applied lip balm and blotted it before applying the lipstick. This is just one coat.

The shade no 5 is a bright red with orange tones. Too bold for my taste. The formula is really good and if you are person who loves matte and long lasting lipsticks get it.

Price: Rs.595. Available at much lesser prices at many online stores.

Recommendation: People who like matte lippies can get. If you have dry lips that can flake easily skip it.

Repurchase: No. I am not a fan of matte lippies. But I really like the quality of the lipstick. So will definitly check out other ranges from this brand :)

Ps: PR Sample


  1. U can wear this for the rainy season :D brighten up the dull weather :D I like creamy ones better nw :)

    1. Yes. I am too a fan of creamy lippies. And this color is too bold for me :P

  2. Nice review :) I ve been wanting to buy one of these... Now i will!

  3. Even I liked Deb Milano's lippies but this red is a bit too much for taste!
    Fashion Panache

  4. Shade is pretty Indu, however I will let it pass due to drying formula :(


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