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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Omved Mint Lip Balm Review


Sorry for not posting for this long. Anyhoo, I am back. Today I am reviewing Omved Mint Lip Balm.

What it Claims:
100% Pure.
Hydrate and Protect your lips with Omved's Mint Lip Balm.
The lip balm has a rich blend of shea butter, kokum butter, and lightly scented almond and mint oils. This wonderful balm seals in the moisture and eliminates dry, cracked lips. 

Kokum and sheabutter, almond & mint oils.

My Experience:
It is really good to know that there are many products today in the market that are free from harmful chemicals. Omved is one such company providing skin friendly products. My first introduction to Omved was through Blisscovered. I got their foot soak and loved it. Omved people were sweet enough to send few products for me to review. One of the products was this lip balm.

The packing is very lovely. It comes in a simple aluminum tub. But the one I got doesn't close that securely. Dont know if its a fault in my lip balm or all the other packing is like it. So it makes it difficult to take it with you during travel. 

The lip balm is a clear balm with fresh mint fragrance. I really like how refreshing the mint feels on the lips. The lip balm does moisturize and the best part is that it is not sticky. I have dry lips and gives needed hydration. But I cant comment on whether it will work on chapped lips. Stays on lips for a decent time. It works really well as a base of your lipsticks also. So I am liking it. 

The best part about this lipbalm and other Omved products is that it is free from harmful chemicals such as parbens, silicones and other harmful chemicals. 

The people from Omved have also sent in this information to me. 

Omved is the first and only Indian company to be accepted by the SKIN DEEP org as being rated SAFE!! you can see our rating for all our products here http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/company.php?comp_id=3711a few ingredients have been rated toxic if used in large amounts like henna, gold leaf etc but ofcourse our formulations that use them have used them sparingly)
The only con for me is that it is expensive. This balm costs Rs.250 for 8gms of product. But I think it is totally worth it, considering you can use it for a long time and you also avoid many harsh chemicals :)


Comes in a lovely Aluminium packing
Love the mint flavor
Gives good hydration to the lips.
Does not feel sticky on lips
Great to use as a lipstick base
Free from many harmful chemicals
Certified to be safe on skin

Expensive. But it is worth it.
Some may feel that the hydration is not enough. I am satisfied with this one.
Tub Packing
Availability. They have stores in Bombay and Pune. It is available online at Healthkart.com and Urbantouch.com
You can also buy it online from Omved online store here
Rs.250 for 8gms

Shelf Life:
18 months

Recommendation: If you are a lip balm lover and want a skin friendly product get it.

Repurchase: Yes, I am getting the Cinnamon flavor as well :D

Will you guys buy it too??

PR Sample: Honest Opinion


  1. missed you and nice to see you back! Yes would love to try this one and please come visit my blog home :)

  2. Would love to try this one... especially the cinnamon flavour.

    1. Even I am planning to get Cinnamon flavor :P

  3. mint on lips definitely feels good
    nice review Indu :)


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