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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Enchanteur Body Mist In Romance and Charming- Review

Hi Beauties,

If you are in Chennai, you must be knowing how HOTTTT it is it. The power cuts is making situation even worse. So its always sweating and hot. No one wants to smell bad right in this hot summer right?? So the best way is to use some good smelling products. 

I usually don't deos don't ask why, I never liked it. I always prefer perfumes that too the mild ones. So, when I got Enchanteur Body Mists In Romance and Charming for review, I had two minds.

What it says?? (from here)
Wrap yourself in the luxury of this irresistible scent and reveal your natural romanticism. Bring a touch of French romance to your packed day with the luxury of Enchanteur body mist. Just spray it on, and stay confident all day, no matter how much you do.

Ingredients: Ethanol, Butane, Propane, Fragrance.

My thoughts:
These body mists come in regular tin bottles with spray dispenser. It is a liquid spray. Both  smell of flowers. I am sorry I am bad at explaining how it smells. If you like flowers you will like these. I liked the Romantic much more than the Charming. I find Charming too heavy for me. Romantic was different. This smell is soft and loving it. I am wearing this more often nowadays.

What is the best about these body mists is that it is affordable. It is just Rs.99 for a 75ml. The smell stays for about 4 to 5 hours on me. I am more of a perfume person so I don't know whether I will purchase these again. But people looking for some affordable and nice smelling body sprays get this!!! I am sure you guys will love it :)

You can visit their official website to know about the different products they offer: http://www.enchanteur.in/

I am quite impressed with these and its absolutely worth it.  For the price you can try it without burning your pocket. Available at many stores and online shopping sites. 

Have you guys used it???

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