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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Living it up this summer in Pondicherry: My Entry for The Lakmé Diva Blogger Contest

There are many reasons to love summer :D When we were kids, summer holidays are about fun and frolic. As we grow our likings have changed and so does the way we enjoy summer. 

Most of the summer times I stay at home well the reason you ask? Simple most popular vacation spots are crowded with people. For me Vacation is something that should relax me and have some me time. But visiting popular locations during Summer scares me :P

But this summer is really different for me as my lovable friend Kyra is with me in Chennai. We are planning a small today trip to Pondichery to relax ourselves.

Pondichery is very special to me and I just love the simple beach and Coffee house near the beach. Spending time at the coffee house is a must whenever I visit Pondichery.  The ashram is another favorite of mine to visit. You get the calmness and you are instantly free of all your worries. These two things have made it a favorite place for me to visit any time of the year.

Well,  Since I am visiting this time during Hot Summer. I am spending a lot of time shopping for Clothes and Makeup  that will work for this scorching heat.

I am a lover of Cotton clothes always. And so visiting all popular stores in Chennai to get some Pastels and Floral prints. Don't you love them :D

With the summer heat too high this year, I am completely relying on a good sunscreen that will protect me from Tanning. I am getting the most popular Lakme Sunscreen along with thier De tan gel and Facepack. With these products I do not have to worry about burning or tanning my skin in the Sun. The best part about using Lakme sunscreen? Along with sun protection, my skin will remain healthy and young for a long time :D
I am not a fan of heavy makeup. For cosmetics I prefer neutrals for eyes with loads of mascara. I am experimenting with lips this time. I am planning to get some coral shades and a beautiful Coral blush.

I can't wait to spend time in Pondichery with Kyra and have fun in the sun without worrying about our Skin :)

Ps: This is my entry for Lakme Dive Blogger Contest hosted by Lakme Sun Expert at Indiblogger

Images courtesy: Google Images. I do not own any of the images.


  1. Wow... Enjoy the summer well Indu :) I love visiting Pondicherry and we used to visit the Ashram too..

    btw, Nice entry :) All the best for the contest <3 <3

    1. Thanks Lance, we make it point to visit often :)

  2. best of luck for the contest indu <3

  3. Pondyyy ! My place !

  4. Pondy is a place very close to my heart.. Enjoy your time there :)


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