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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Reader Query- Best Face Cream and Face Wash

Hi All,

This is a query from Sathya,

" Actually i have skin tone, below neck it looks white but my face always looking at too dark, currently i,m using LOTUS WHITE GLOW but i didn't find any difference, most of all i tried many creams, can you guide me to choose best face wash or soap & best face cream to my face"
I had asked her what type of skin was hers and she said she has normal skin.

You are lucky girl Sathya, you don't have to be particular about getting products that may not suit your skin. Since you have normal skin you can try any products and most of the products will work for you. The darkness in your face can be due to sun tan or stress. Yes over stress can make you dull.

You need to find ways to replenish your tired and dull skin. Use a good and energizing face pack to revitalize your skin. My suggestions for face pack, are go for home made ones. Best is honey face packs to get glowing and moisturized skin. Read here to know more about using Honey in your face packs.

Commercial face packs.-
Affordable and give good results.
Himalaya face packs
Lotus herbals face packs
Aroma magic face packs
VLCC has small packs of facial kits for around rs 200. I have the silver facial kit that costs around Rs 750. I love it and it lasts for a really long time.

A little expensive:
Fabindia Face packs

ok, I havent tried anything that expensive. May be my lovely fellow bloggers would help you in it.

Face Creams:
Lotus Herbals White Glow Micro emulsion- My Favorite. Great for Summers
Lakme Perfect Radiance Day Cream- Really helped to brighten up the skin.

Face Washes:
VLCC Anti Tan Face Wash- The best till date. Removes tan and pigmentation.
Lakme Perfect Radiance Face wash- gives instant glow to your skin.
Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Face wash- Very drying in my opinion. But helps to remove dust and grime after a long day out. I use it only when my face is really dirty.

These are the best till day I have tried.
Beauties, please pour in your suggestions for Sathya's query.
Thanks in advance.



  1. I suggest Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Face wash :)

  2. My suggestion would be...pls use sunscreen...irrespective of whether you step out of your home or not...still the UV rays are everywhere...
    Try Lotus Sunscreen....
    also vlcc anti tan removal face pack is very good
    Once in a week or so use green gram powder with lemon, honey and curd to remove tan and for a perfect glowing skin :)

    Vichy products are good for uneven skintone... its working for me well:)

    Sorry for such a long comment...hope this helps :)

  3. if it is tan on your face you can try nature's essence anti tan gel too. i hv heard t gives instant result.However i would not suggest prolonged use.just use once or twice week. :) u can try Lush face packs.These are really gud.Again not from personal experience but i hv heard they work nicely. :)Hope this helps.

  4. Face pack:Aroma Magic Oxy Pack works gr8 :)

    Also Use Neutrogena sunscreen wit spf 50+ always!!And use Aroma magic mineral glow scrub once u cum home thrice a week :)
    apply lemon juice and tomato juice mixture everyday.removes tan and lightens skintone :)Potato juice also wrks as a bleaching agent!!!
    Use cetaphil cleanser for better cleansing.the darkening can also b due to pollution.

  5. Lush face masks are really good.. my skin was patchy but lush crash course in skincare face mask worked for me. But i have dry skin so consult the SA at Lush before choosing something. And also the VLCC anti tan fruit face pack is awesome.. hope this helps :) also if you are looking for a long term solution try these: mix the juice of coriander and pudina leaves and apply on the face or try a face pack of honey, potato juice and lime juice :)

  6. Skin tan could be a result of exposure to harsh sun or due to some medications. For external releif, you can use the Oriflame whitening range which includes cleanser, day cream n night cream. Cosmetics can give you a temporary releif. Anything permanent should come from internal. So u need to have a course of Vit B supplements as well. Vit B is very good for skin.
    Being into health and beauty consultancy, I have always suggested a combination of cosmetics and supplements. If you are interested in going ahead with the said combo, pls feel free to contact me @ 9731549447


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