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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Ponds White Beauty Blemish Prevention UV Cream Review

Hi Beauties.
Finally, pulled myself together to do this review. Many had asked me to review on this particular product. Here is my thoughts on Ponds White Beauty Blemish Prevention UV Cream Review.

What they say and Ingredients list:

From the website:
Contains Pro-Vitamin B3 and SPF 15
Complete UV range protection as it protects against both UVA and UVB rays
Lightens skin and prevents formation of dark spots below skin surface

 Ok, I came to know about this product from Cynthia's blog. She has not reviewed the product yet. I got it because I have pigmentation and uneven skin tone post pregnancy. Another reason for my uneven skin tone is my laziness in using sunscreen (kicking myself for that ). So I thought it will help in lightening my dark spots and pigmentation. And also for further protection from sun.

The product comes in a cute and sleek pump bottle. One thing I can praise about the packing is it made of plastic (Yay!!!). This is lightweight and safe even if you put it down like me often. The pump dispenser is really good and gives the right amount of product in one pump.

This is one whole pump
The product has the same smell as the other ponds products. The consistency of the cream is perfect for application. Not too thick or too runny. One pump is enough for whole face and neck (at least for me). I like the moisturizing part of this one. It did moisturise my skin decently enough even in this winter. But when sometimes my skin gets too dry and then the moisturisation given by this was not enough for me. The mositurisation lasts for really long. But it leaves this whitish cast on my face, which I hate to the core. I had the same problem with white beauty cream as well.

Other than the moisturising part I dint find any major changes in my skin. It dint even brighten up my skin. When I use this before applying make up it makes my whole face look cakey. But thank god it dint break me out unlike ponds white beauty cream.I think it has done nothing to my face other than leaving a whitish cast when applied a little too much. So this just an okay product for me. When compared for the price I prefer Lotus Herabals Micro emulsion better. It makes my skin bright and healthy.

The pump dispenser

So to sum up the pros and cons:

Cute Packaging.
Has SPF 15.
Travel friendly bottle with pump dispenser.
Nice smell.
Consistency of the cream is perfect.
Gives nice moisturisation for the skin.
Needs only small amount to use.

Leaves whitish cash on my skin. (I face this with most ponds products)
Expensive for the results it delivers (300 bucks people)
Dint do anything to my skin other than moisturisation
People with very dry skin must use mosituriser along with this.
Gives cakey look.

Price: Rs.299 for 50ml. Got it for Rs.278 from Stylecraze.

Repurchase?? Noooo. I am quite happy with Lotus Herbals Micro emulsion.

Recommendation: This may work for people with light blemishes. Dint work for me.

Ps: I found that this same product is known as Ponds Flawless Radiance – Blemish Prevention UV Cream Review other Countries. Wonder why they changed the name and introduced it here.

PPS: Out of curiosity I wanted to know how the pump works because I thought it was different from the regular pumps. So once I finished using this I opened the cap. This is what it look like.

The pump works on suction power. That is, every time you press the pump, the product is pulled out using suction power. This method will help you not to waste any of the product in the bottle or in the pump tube. Cool no??

So have you tried this?? Will you get it? What other creams will you suggest for pigmentation problems?

Indgal :)


  1. Thanx indgal for the review :)
    thank god i never bought this

  2. Except for facewashes, Pond's doesn't work for me at all!! And i would really stay away.
    Thanks for the alert :P

  3. Great Post and a nice Blog.. Following you too :)

  4. Great Post and a nice Blog,, following you too :)

  5. Oh does not do anythg..sad :( I guess the microdermabrasion kit is nice..

    1. yes dear, but the kit has been stopped I think, heard only the 2010 manufactured kits are available.

  6. i havent used this yet but i used ponds daily moisturiser( very light weight which luks just like this bottle which comes with pump too )couple of yrs ago. I just loved it...nice review btw :)

  7. Thanks Indgal.. this is a nice review.. very detailed too. Is there any chance you will do a review of the Parachute advansed body lotion? Would love to see your take on it.

    1. Hi pratyu, thanks. I will surely try to get one and do the review :)

  8. Doesn't work?? :| Ponds usually doesn't work for me except TM.Thankies for d review :)

  9. Indgal, I read ur review - nice n detailed n crisp. If uneven skin tone is your concern, its time u try the Oriflame Even Out Cream. Its an all age, all skin type cream. Comes in a 50ml pack. Has an SPF of 20 but doesnt leave a white cast on application (even i dislike the cast). It reduces the existing pigmentation and helps prevent the appearance of dark spots. Has Vit E and UV filter.
    Pls feel free either to call 9731549447 for this pdt under offer(if available) or mail me elizsubhakar@aol.com

  10. hey indgal....i hav the same problem..i tried every possible thing but the even skin tone doesnt seem to come...i even tried "oriflame even out cream" i hav combination skin n for me its a big no...it made my skin very very oily n looked dark as if i pored oil on my face...u mite wanna try sum fairness range from a good brand..


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