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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Online Shopping Experience: Shoptatmajorbrands.com and tiny haul

Hi Beauties,
How you guys??? Hope you are all doing good.

Online shopping is very helpful for people like me to explore new products. This has helped to try some new companies. The offers you get from shopping sites also help you to get products at better prices than what you get in a store. This is an added advantage right? So any way, I wanted to try Inglot products for a long time. For me Inglot products are very expensive. So I kept myself away from the products. Then only came to know about their freedom system. This is a great way to try out products without burning your pocket. So when shopatmajorbrands.com was holding a sale I had to give Inglot a try. I dint get any thing when there was the 30% sale. Last month they had 20% off. So I used to try the shopping site and the products. Since I don't own a credit card I prefer COD. So I was happy this site was providing COD.

I dint read the terms and conditions on COD before making my purchase. So I thought I will get the products withing 5 days just like any other shopping site. But no, they need 7 to 10 days to deliver the products. My mistake I dint read the conditions.

So anywho, I made my order on Jan 27, 2012 and received it on Feb 8. 2012. So that is 12 days including Sundays. I got the products in a safe condition, which I liked.

The problem with the site was they dint even update my account until Feb 2nd. After that only they had updated to invoice generated that too after I sent a mail regarding my order status. They dint even have the courtesy to explain the reason on why the products are delivered late. I even tried to get in touch with them through twitter twice. But no response. After a week I got convinced that I wont receive the products or I will get them very late and let it go. I thought I will wait for few more days and then get call them to know about my order status. Then on Feb 8, I got a call from a courier company stating they have the parcel. I was quite excited. I curiously can and logged into my account to know if they had changed the order status. No, they had  not changed it and it was still in invoice generated.

The funny part was the day I got my products on hand, a mail came from the site stating your order has shipped. Still my account is showing only as order shipped.

Overall the delivery is very slow if you are going to order through COD. But this is not the case with online transactions. Deepika from Divaessence got the products within 5 days  (I think) because she made it to through online transactions. She ordered on Jan 29th. So I suggest this site only if you are going to make payments through online. If you don't mind waiting for around two weeks to get your products, then you can gladly choose COD. You should also remember that you wont get any response from them if you are going to mail them. I cant comment on their phone support because I have not tried it yet.

So to sum up:
Have some good brands to buy.
Great to buy when there is  a sale.
Fast delivery, if you are choosing online payments.

I found the website to be slow. I don't know if its only me who is facing this problem.
Pictures in the site can be misleading. So you need to find swatches online and then order.
Very slow delivery when you choose COD. Yes they have mentioned it in their terms, but yet there are so many online sites that deliver products within a day. (Flipkart is awesome when it comes to delivery. In beauty products I have to say Stylecraze)
No response from the customer care for the email I sent. No reply even in Twitter. This bugged me very much.
They do not show the shipping charges while you check out. The shipping charges are shown only after you complete the payment.
Free shipping on orders above Rs.1000. Rs.50 for purchases made below RS.1000.
Site is updated very slowly and you even get the intimation mail very slowly.

Overall I had okay experience with the site.

Will I recommend the site: Yes, they have many popular brands. It is the only site from where you can get Inglot products online. I suggest choosing online payments if you want to get your things fast. If you don't care about delivery time then go with COD.

Repurchase: Yes I will, only when there is a sale going. I will choose online payment method. (I am in the process of getting a Credit Card :D :D)

Here is the two products I got:
AMC Eye shadow 55: Rs 300. Got it for Rs.240.
Round Concealer refill MW200. Rs. 250. Got it for Rs. 200.

I am in love with both products. Review coming soon :)

So how was your shopping experience with Shopatmajorbrands.com??


  1. hy the products look good, i too wanted to shop duting this sale but somehow could not do that... now waiting for the review :)

    1. thanks, will do the reviews soon :)

  2. you guys are lucky to have such good sites!

    1. oh ya, but it all happened just a year back before that we din have any options. so dont worry you will get some sites soon :)

  3. I wanted to get a blush but d sale was rgt after my monthly haul :| bad timing :P Review review :D

    1. Ya dont miss when there is a sale :)

  4. Even i bought from Shopatmajor brands during Inglot sale..i made online transaction..got product in 4 days..but like you told i got the dispatch details mail on the day i received product :D

    1. he he.. then they really need to work on their customer care :)

  5. wow indu...iam loving both...waiting for ur review...:)

  6. Replies
    1. its not a blush, its and eyeshadow :)

  7. i am loving inglot a lot these days :) pls review the concealer na..how is it?

    1. Hi Parita,

      Welcome to my blog. I have fallen for inglot :) Its is nice review will be up in two or three days :)


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