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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Fabindia Honey and Milk Conditioning Shampoo for Kids Review

Hi everyone, I have been MIA for sometime now. Well my laptop went bonkers last week and I couldn't be regular to blogging. After I got the laptop got held up with a lot of work. Now I am back. Hope to post regularly from now on. Today I am reviewing Fabindia Honey and Milk Conditioning Shampoo for Kids.

What it Claims:

Creamy shampoo for kids helps condition dry and unmanageable hair leaving it soft and shiny.


Price: Rs.225 for 100ml. I got 25% off  when I purchased it.
My thoughts:
The reason I selected the shampoo for my son as it is free of sulphates and parabens. The shampoo is not really thick or  creamy. It is watery and light cream in color. The smell is kind of caramel smell.  It lathers well and washes away all dirt and oil. I oil my son's hair before shampooing. It does makes hair soft. Well he doesn't have much hair. It is neither dry. So it works good on his hair. I am quiet liking it. His hair stays soft till the next wash.

The shampoo
What I like:
Free from sulphates and parabens
Smells very mild.
Works in removing dirt and oil.
Keeps hair soft and manageable.
Easy to wash off doesn't need that much water.
This bottle is going to last long as it you will need very little amount if its for kids hair.

What I don't Like:
Well I do not have any cons about this shampoo. I am really liking it on my son's hair.

Will I re- purchase: Yes.Great for kids.

They have a range of body wash and body lotion in a variety of flavors. I have got body lotion is Black currant and I totally love it.  They are also free from sulphates and parabens.Will review it soon.

PS: Yes I did try it on my very own hair and it did clean well. But it does not work on the conditioning part. Well it is for Kids : p


  1. i was looking for the last night only..:P i am going to try ths for sure :)

  2. yes do try it.. if you get balck currant try it. the smell is so yummy...

  3. Luks gud but i don't use shampoos :| lots of hairfall:( btw missed u..u disappeared :O

  4. ya missed you too.. now i am back...
    then what do you use for your hair..

  5. ya.. do check it out.. they have a lot of varieties.. so tempting..

  6. i thought so.. I find shika too drying...


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