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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Planning to start a new feature in my blog: Shopping in Chennai

Hi beauties,

How are you all. Hope all are doing good. I have been busy lately and my litlle one completeled two years on sunday. I am so happy, lots more functions and parties are lined up this month. So I will not be able to post regularly for some time. Also I wanted to share about the new feature I am planning to start in my blog for some time now.

It is called Shopping in Chennai. The main reason of starting this blog was to share my shopping experiences. In this space i will give my reviews on stores I have purchased, what products they have the best, customer service, etc.

The reason for starting is that I cannot find many reviews about the Stores present in Chennai on internet. This space will help people visiting Chennai and people living in Chennai to find good places to buy stuff. Hope this space will help people a lot to know about shopping in Chennai.

Hope my fellow blogging beauties will support in this and provide suggesstions on improving this feature.

Do let me know what you think of this feature.

Thanks and Take Care


  1. Absolutely cool Indu :D I ill share mine too :)

  2. thanks swetha dear, you are welcome :)
    thanks for the support SSG :)

  3. LOVE this idea!! Can't wait for you to start! I could use some shopping suggestions.

  4. thanks for the support poohkie :)

  5. Hey cool idea!!!! Will let you know if anything special pops up in my head

  6. Hi Indgal... I am new to ur blog.. u Have a nice blog...me too from chennai.. Ur idea of starting shopping in chennai is really cool...

  7. grt idea...i too shop a lot whenevr i come to chennai ..so it will be kind of useful..

  8. hey deepa welcome and thanks a lot. happy to know your are from chennai too :)

    hey vidya welcome and thanks for following :)

  9. Hi Indgal... I came across your blog and really liked it.The product reviews are fair and unbiased. Good work!
    I live in Chennai too. I agree that there is a lack of information on the internet about good places to shop in Chennai. I would love it if you could feature shopping tips- be it low cost / high end for the junta in Chennai...
    Thanks in advance :)


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