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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Online Shopping Experience- Urbantouch.com

Here is the review on urbantouch as said earlier. I do not prefer online shopping as it does not give the pleasure of going out and checking the products. At the same time I am also concerned about online shopping because of its payment methods. After I saw some good reviews on Urbantouch I couldn't resist myself from shopping from them. They have free shipping and COD. I have purchased from urbantouch twice now. I must say I am pretty impressed with the service provided. I got myself a facial kit in the first order. I made an order on Friday, 5th August and I got a mail stating they have shipped the product the same day itself. I received the product on Monday. They called me twice to confirm to know I will be home or not. This is very useful so you will not have to worry about waiting for your order to arrive. The package for safe and secure. No damage. Loved their packaging. Very useful outer box to store other items.

I made my second order just for the sake of getting an eyeliner :p So I ordered a lipstick along with it. I made my order on 10th august and got the product on 16th August. I am guessing they take two to three days to deliver the products. Since they do not work on weekends and Monday was a holiday I got my products on Tuesday. This time also they confirmed my order by calling me and sent the package. This time also packing was very neat and secure. Both products were neatly bubble wrapped for safe delivery. So the final verdict is I am quite satisfied with their service.

Here are the Pros:
Free shipping
Cash on Delivery
You can purchase products at discounts
You can find many international brands like NYX, Sally Hansen, etc at great prices.
Fast delivery. You will get your products within two to three days time
Nice Packaging.
No damage to the products.

I came to know that they are having free shipping only for a limited time. It will be good if they give free shipping permanently :p
Another con for me is I received msg stating that I will receive the products on this day after half day of receiving the products on hand. I find it funny and useless to message after delivering the products. This message is sent by the courier people.
Other than this I do not have any problems.

I would definitely make more purchases.

I highly recommend you try shopping with Urbabtouch at least once.

So have you tried online shopping? What is your experience?

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  1. i was also gonna do the same post...hehe...nice review:)

  2. nice one Indgal :) thanks for the follow.. following u now :)

  3. Even I like urbantouch, it's a very nice shoppin site.
    thanks for following Indgal, following u too..

  4. u know what i never shopped online :0. nice review indgal!!

  5. I would love to shop from UT! :)You've got a great blog!

  6. thanks ginger, you should try this site. very safe in my opinion
    thanks for commenting KBB :)

  7. you've got some awards hun!

  8. Pls tell how to buy products online using urbansite.com. I just could not find the buy option for eyelashes.

  9. hi pallawi, I think you are asking about the eyelash curler. You can buy the product only when it is available. So check whether the prodcut is in stock. if it is not in stock it will be written as not available. They wont provide buy option when the product is out of stock.


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