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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Online Shopping Experience: Fashion and You

This is my first online shopping experience. When I saw the ad about Faces Cosmetics sale in Fashion and You, I wanted to get some products. At the same time I was a little skeptical about shopping online. Also I read some not so good reviews about Fashion and You so I was in a dilemma to buy or not. Then when I saw the eye mask in the sale I wanted to get it. I have been searching for a good eye mask for a long time. Then Fashion and You had Cash on Delivery so thought I will give it a try.

Here is My Experience:
I am a member of Fashion and You for sometime now. I got a mail with info on the sale of Faces Cosmetics on June 5th. I ordered for the Relaxicon combo and a Lipstick. Which costed Rs 475 together. Then they added Rs.100 as shipping charges. So the total cost is Rs. 575. I chose cash on delivery as this was my first online shopping. Then I got a mail stating that my products will be sent only after verification and they will call within 24 hours. Likewise I got a call the next day and I was not available at that time. Then I got a message to call them back to verify the details. I called them and got my details verified. Again I got a message in my cellphone and email stating about delivery details. They also stated it will take around two to four weeks for shipping.
I verified my details on 6th june. I got an email on 20th June stating that my products have been dispatched. I got a message in my cellphone stating I will receive my package today or tomorrow through Blue dart. I got my package today afternoon.

This is what I got:

The relaxicon set contains a gel eye mask and cellulite massager for Rs.266.
I also a got a satin matte lipstick in Cordovan (03) for Rs.209.

It is a brownish pink shade. Very Creamy. The lipstick has started to melt and now I have stored it in the fridge. i really like the color.

Overall the experience was good for me with Fashionandyou.com.
You can check their website here.

So have you done shopping with Fashion and You?


  1. Hey Indgal nice..do let me how that eye mask works...

  2. hey thanks dear.. it's a perfect nude for me.. This will suit all skin tones...

  3. Hey thanks for following...following u back!

  4. Nice haul. I like their nail polishes only. Their cosmetics for me smells funny so I avoid the cosmetics but love their variety of nail polishes ^_^.

  5. thanks barthi.. I din't want to spend much since this was my first online shopping.. I may check the nail paints next..

  6. Fashion and you is nt known for d rgt reasons..:|But gud thing ur stuff were in gud condition :) do a review on the lippie and the set :)

  7. i know, heard that they have improved their service. I was happy with their service :)

    Loads of reviews are lined up..

  8. Man, that lipstick is ADORABLE. Loving that shade.

  9. yup i am so in love with the shade..

  10. Hi, it looks like its safe to buy cosmetics from this place. Will check it out soon. Me too have never purchased online. Hope it will work out fine.

  11. I have been meaning to buy some stuff of fashion and you thanks for the review :) Regards madeeha Naqeeb


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