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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Online Shopping Experience- WellnessOcean.com- Review- Haul

Hi Beauties, 

I am back with another shopping site review. This time it is wellnessocean.com.

A little about the company:
Wellnessocean takes a holistic approach to well-being. By holistic, we mean considering the whole person and the choices an individual makes to nurture their body and mind – the air they breathe, the moments they take, the products they put in and on their body.

We believe that feeling close to nature helps everyone achieve a sense of balance, both with the outside world and the world within. We aspire to enhance the well-being of body, mind and soul through a holistic approach to beauty and health that is rooted in centuries of deep, collective knowledge. Wellnessocean stands for wellness through nature's gifts, which have been formulated by traditions from all over the world, to give you the benefit of time tested, chemical free products which are gentle and without ill-effects. To know more about them go here.

Words from the founder: 

"Important is the caring aspect which we would like to convey. Taking charge of ones health and wellness are important aspects in today's fast paced lifestyle and so we provide detailed information on each and every product to enable the right choice.

We are very selective with regard to the choice of brands and we carry, since we aim to offer the healthy alternative to commercially available products. "

Impressive isn't it. Who doesn't love natural products. This website is completly dedicated to natural products. They have a wide range of products from different categories ranging from Organic Makeup to Yoga Products. You will find so many products that you were not aware of.

When you click each category or a product, you get detailed information about the product and the company. This will help you know about the products and also their ingredients. The products in the site are certified to be organic. This is one thing that really attracted me. 

The look of the site is simple and they have different options with which you can find what you want. They even provide gifts sets. I am sure you will find something that will impress you. For me, the organic makeup section impressed me. But the products are limited only. This is to provide only products that are natural and organic.
Here are some snap shots of the site:

Organic Makeup

Products available

Brands Available

Wellness Ocean blog
They also have a separate blog that talks about various things related with yoga, aromatherapy etc. Here is the link to the blog.

They have Different payment options along with Cash On Delivery. You can know about this here. For COD option, they charge a fee of Rs.95 for orders below Rs.1500. You get free COD for offers above Rs.1500. Shipping was really fast. I made an order on 19th March and I received a confirmation mail immediately. And I received my products today afternoon. They sent a SMS to my mobile that my product is shipped and out for delivery. I would have loved if they would have sent a mail to me along with the tracking number and the company through which they ship the products. The accounts page also did not have any update on my orders made. I think this one thing they need to work on. It would be great help if they would add this facility. The products came is a neat box and everything was neatly bubble wrapped. Nothing was damaged or broken.

There are some things I wished that could be improved. The first thing is in the organic makeup section. All the products pictures are shown with the outer carton. I found it very difficult to guess the shade. Especially for lipsticks and lipglosses. It would have been better if they would add a small icon with the products to show the color above the product, like other sites do. And in the same way, it would have been nice if they would have posted the picture of how actually the product would look like. Most of the products were displayed with the cartons and I couldn't guess the color or how the product would look exactly. 

They also provide customers a welcome gift (wellnessocean bag) and a gift voucher along with their order, which will give them a discount on their next purchase. I found the bag useful. It is a cotton shopping bag. Great to take with you for grocery shopping, since now most shops charge money for plastic covers :p

Website dedicated for all things natural and organic
Details of company and ingredients are provided with each product.
Products are certified to be organic
Different payment options. COD options also available.
Fast Shipping. 
Secure packing.
Useful Blog available
Pretty Wellness bag. Very useful. 
Discount voucher and useful samples provided along with purchases.

Need to update the accounts page of the products ordered.
Was not able to track my shipping.
Would have loved if they would have sent a mail along with the SMS sent about the product shipment.
Clear pictures for makeup items and adding swatches of the shades needs to be done.

Update: Guys it was my mistake of not noting down the mail they sent me. They had sent a mail with the courier details along with the tracking details. And now they have also updated my accounts page too :) I am sorry for not checking it correctly :(

And the founder has promised that they will take new pictures and add them for makeup shades issue. They are also going to install a virtual makeup studio software in the site too. Yay!!

Now here comes my haul :D

The Wellness bag with the goodies I got :P

Pamphlets of the different brands, discount voucher and samples

My Wellness Ocean Haul

My Wellness Ocean Haul 

What I purchased:
Sante Organic Eyeshadow Rose Wood Trio
Logona Organic Hair Gel Style & Shine 
Lotus Organics Lipgloss Candy,
Lotus Organics Loose Foundation Dark (The outer carton states dark, but inside it the shade name is mentioned had Fair. I mailed them about this and they have promised to send the dark shade to me :D)
Vedantika Handmade Soap Orange
Vedantika Lemongrass Face Wash
Vedantika Rose Sandal Face Wash 
Vedantika Skin Polishing Scrub
Vedantika Instant Glow Mask
Vedantika Ant-Aging Face Mask
Biobalance Brightening Eye Cream Cream
Rustic Art Power Laundry

Free Samples: Vedantika Antic Acne face pack and Vedantika Amla instant drink powder.
Discout Voucher of Rs.200 for my next purchase :D

Overall Thoughts:
I must say I am pretty impressed with the selection of products they have. But the problem is most of the skin care products and makeup products are expensive. They do have some affordable products also. But I am not complaining, everywhere most organic products are expensive. And most products available in the site are imported. 

Repurchase: Ofcourse. I am already eyeing certain products to get from there. I think I will be doing plenty of shopping from them :D

Recommendation: If you love natural and organic products do check the site out. Some products are expensive. But I would say it is worth it. You do have some affordable products available as well :)

You can check out their Facbook page here and twitter account here.

So what do think about my Haul??

Ps: Tried the Vedantika Insta glow pack and I am loving it. Anywhoo, now you know what products I will be reviewing soon ;)

PPS: I was provided a gift voucher for review purposes. I have provided my honest opinion :)


  1. Your review is very detailed and informative. Seems like a good site!

    1. Hi kary,

      Thanks for your compliments. Yes do check it out :D

  2. Nice haul..all organic stuff looks good :)

  3. My god such awesome haul!I am checking right now!

    1. Sure chk out, I am sure you will love the site :D

  4. ooooo awesome haul!! reviews pls.....

    1. Thanks, I am yet to try the products, will do the reviews soon :)

  5. Great stuff!!

    I follow you and i hope you follow me back! I´l be very happy about it :)



    1. Hi, thanks for the follow :) Following you back :)

  6. goin to check dis new site. It sounds gud and ur haul is gr8 too. Joining ur blog

  7. Can u review Biobalance Brightening Eye Cream


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