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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Online Shopping Experience- 48craft.com- Review and Haul

Hi Beauties,

How are you all doing.  I am a great fan of handicrafts made with wood and paper mash. I love authentic wooden toys. I love collecting them. But finding them is not easy. Even if we find it would be priced on the higher side. Most of the time you can find it only in handicraft exhibitions. Now you can buy it online. Cool isn’t it?? Yes you can buy all handmade wooden crafts and bags from 48cart.com.

This website is awesome I must say. They have so many products that you can get only from exhibitions. The pricing of the products are reasonable and you even get to know who made it and how they make it from the description box. One thing that excited me was the tanjore dancing doll. I love this doll. I had one when I was younger but it broke. Then I have tried many places to get but unfortunately couldn’t get hold of one. When I saw the doll I had to get it :D (Btw if you know any place from where I can get this in Chennai please do share it on the comments box).
Ok, Lets see what the company say about themselves.

The site is divided neatly and the whole look is authentic. Everything is pleasing to the eyes. You will find yourself browsing to the different categories they have. If you are a lover of wooden jewels then this is the site to get them at great discounts. You like organic bags, then do check the variety they have. I really liked the jhola collections.  College goers shouldn’t miss this site in my opinion. You can get beautiful file holders, pen stands, accessories of all sorts.
Here are some shots of the site.

My Experience with 48craft.com:

I made my order on Tuesday afternoon. Immediately got my confirmation mail. And the products were delivered Thursday morning. All products came securely bubble wrapped. Along with this they had used all types of thermocol to protect the products within the box. None of the products were damaged. There are a few cons with the site too. No COD option L Another con is that though I got a confirmation mail. It was not in detail about the products I had ordered. In the same way, I did not get a mail stating the products have been shipped. These would have helped to know the status of my order better.

The best site to get handicrafts online
You can get handicrafts from different parts of the country at one place
Detailed explanation of the products and videos on how it is made
Reasonably priced
You can get many discounts once you sign up with the site
Free shipping above rs.99
Secure transactions
Delivery within three days
Different discount options are available on sign up
Products on the Kitchen category have me certified by Unesco for Natural coloring.
Wooden toys are organic and safe for kids.

No COD option
No proper information on the confirmation mail
They did not mail me about when the products where shipped.

Other than this I don’t have any other cons.
My suggestion is to add more stuff especially those gorgeous fabric money purses. They must definitely work on adding COD option. Hopefully they will work on this soon :d

Recommendation: Yes great site for handicrafts available at reasonable prices. If you are lover of handicrafts, don't miss this site :)

Re purchase- Yes. Please add COD option :D
Here is my haul:  Sorry for the poor pictures my digi cam ran out of battery :(

 Dancing Doll (Just the doll is not available on the site now. Click here for another combo offer along with the doll)

Daren- click here for the link

2 Mobile pouches: Click here to see the different pouches on sale.

To give you an idea about the size of the puch :)

I was worried whether my phone will fit in these pouches. But luckily they are huge and spacious. Inside the pouch is cushioned well for protecting the mobile. Totally safe :)


So what are your favorite handicraft products??

Ps: As a blogger I was given a gift voucher to review their site. I have given my honest opinion on the site.


  1. Lovely review.. Cute pouches :)

  2. That is a samsung galaxy s :D
    and I like that doll

  3. Lovely haul,, those pouches are cute na,,and are opt for the quick outings where u only need cash, phone n keys :)
    the toy in the last pic is cute,,did u buy that also ?

    1. Yes, they are super soft and comfortable. No its just a visiting card that came with the packing. I loved the toy in the card, so shared it here :)

  4. u better gift me those mobile pouches...otherwise i gonna steal them...i have that dancing doll indu...very pretty na :)

    1. :P :P :P for the pouches ;) I love the doll :)

  5. hey u will get that tanjore doll in saravana stores.. tngar one.. sooper haul.. ive bought stuff from them before.. nice site :)

  6. The very view about shopping has experienced a amazing change with the introduction of online shopping.

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  7. OMG this is a cute haul you have made!!! checking out this site now :)


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