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Thursday, 15 December 2011

3 Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balms Swatches

I know how popular are these. So no review. I wanted to swatch them because I couldn't get proper swatches online when I was searching. Especially the Pomegranate one. So I have three of these. I am still hunting for Dragon fruit, don't know if it is available.

L- R Pink Guava, Strawberry, Pomegranate

 In Natural Light:
Strawberry, Pink Guava, Pomegranate

L- R Strawberry, Pink Guava, Pomegranate
My favorite is Pink Guava and Pomegranate.

Strawberry doesn't suit my skin tone. I like using these.

So which is your fav??


  1. I havent tried the pink one yet,, will do so :)
    but I find them a bit waxy..don't you... :)

  2. Yet to try these. I think it's time. but well, I am thinking of making a New Year's resolution :P

  3. Hi U r blog is nice.. R u from chennai.. Please do visit my blog

  4. I have dragon fruit and i luv it...

  5. @deepa, I want to get dragon fruit, I am not finding it anywhere :)
    @Divine Blush: Hi will visit your blog soon, thanks for visitng me :)
    @nivi, do try it dear, it is good :)
    @novice, it is a pretty shade
    @namita, do try it dear :)

  6. I love pomegranate...goes great with my warm complexion :)

  7. I am a sucker for lip balms and your swatches are making me drool!!!! Loving it all!!!
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  9. Hey..

    I have nominated your blog for the versatile blog award,,

    check it out here :)


    Looking forward for more nice stuff on your blog,,keep up the good work girl :)


    Namita :)

  10. the pink guava is so nice..........

  11. I own dragon fruit and Pink guava :) :) And I love dragon fruit :D Find it out soon u ill love it ;)

  12. btw I am a new follower, do drop by on my blog-


  13. Nice posting. I like all shades.

    Every girl needs some essentials, some extras, and something special. Our needs keep changing with age.

    Online shopping is the latest mantra.

  14. me too... i want dragon fruit too .. not finding it anywhere... going insane trying to get it


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