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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Online Shopping Experience- Stylecraze.com Review- Haul

Hi Beauties,

I know, I am late posting this review. All I can say is sorry. Work has been too hectic these days. I had took the pictures and kept it, but couldn't upload them and write a review on it. So, here is my review on www.stylecraze.com/

As many of us bloggers state it is one of the best website for buying many brands at one place. You can find different brands that other online websites doesn't offer. Chetana is very helpful in helping you. I have had many doubts and requests to her through twitter. She is a sweet heart. You will get immediate response from her, I can promise you that.

I have made two purchases from them. The first one I recieved after five days. But it was the problem from the courier company. Stylecraze had shipped the product on time, but the courier company messed up the delivery so I received it late.
The second purchase was during the New Year sale. That time I had ordered the products on Monday late light and received them on Wednesday. That was super fast.  In my experience this has been the fastest delivery I have seen.

The only disadvantage is the brand listings is not in order. Though they have huge variety of brands, because of imporper listing you miss the brands they have. I did speak to them about this, and they said they are working on improving their site looks.

I completely forgot to tell this. If you have any special brands that you want to add, do send a request. They will do their best to bring in the brands and the products that you ask for.

All the products that I got were separately bubble wrapped and secure.

Overall, it is a great website to buy products from different brands. I suggest visitng them at least once if you want to have a good shopping experience.

Follow them on twitter and Facebook to get updates.

And here are some pictures of what I purchased.

Here is what I got:

Colorbar Matte Lipstick- Naked Pink
Nyx Stick Concealer- Glow.
Pond's white beauty Blemish Prevention cream
Nyx Girls Lip Gloss- Mauve.

Recommend it? Yes, they have some awesome products and the service is the best.

PS: They will be adding NYX round lippies this week, so do stay updated with the site. New brand is added everyday.

So what are you planning to get???


  1. am really looking forward to some nice nyx haul from them :)


  2. Howz the blemish cream?..first time seeing it..Pls. do a review :)
    And yep..stylecraze does give a wide selection of brands :)

  3. They do have a great service...I still have not shopped from them though!

  4. @zatz, do get it, its super pigmented
    @fus: Hi suganya, do get some products. NYX stuff is awesome, I am eyeing their cream blush and round lippies :)
    @siri: The cream is good, will review it soon
    @emm: do try out. You will like it :)

  5. U didn't get the concealer pots?? :) Review these soon :D I am eyeing the bourjois little pot blush from their website :D Will get to buy them soon I hope!!

  6. Thanks for the wonderful review. We are actually in the process of redesigning the Brands page to make it more user friendly - should be done this week. And yes, the new NYX stuff will be live any moment now.

  7. @raaga: they added it, But I couldn find the right shade so din get it. heard those blushes are awesome :)
    @rids: sure soon :)
    @chetana: Your welcome :) Actually I should thank you for a wonderful site you have given for us :)

  8. Really nice haul! Could you review the naked pink lipstick? I've been looking for it, but the colorbar counter (at saravana stores) never has it.

  9. @phookie sure, will do it soon.

  10. Thanks for the review! I love NYX products :)


  11. amazing haul........ very nice

  12. hey indgal...very nice haul dear...hw ru ? sry for absconding for a long time
    can u review the pond thing ?

  13. @varshu; Thanks I am fine, hope you are doing good too.. Will review it soon.
    @ani: thanks
    @manmeet, megha: thanks


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